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Offering IT support on your terms, so whenever you need us, we can be there. Your business requirements are unique, so we can mirror those needs to ensure you get what you need from technology.

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What is complementary IT support?

Outsourcing your entire IT can be a big decision, and it may not be one you want to take. You may already have an internal IT department or just need additional help at certain times. That's where we come in. Complementary IT support can be whatever you need it to be. Whether it's specialised support, helping your internal team when they have a large workload, or when advice is required. All you need to do is tell us what you need; we can provide the IT to do it.

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How can supplementary IT support benefit you?

extra workforce

Extra workforce

Need an extra pair of hands? If your team has too much on or has a big project coming up, we can supply the additional workforce to keep you on track and ensure the work gets done.

save time

Save time

Your time is valuable and too important to be wasting on tasks that can be handled by outsourced IT support. We can lighten your workload and ensure time isn't something you run out of.

access to experts

Access to experts

Do you require knowledge on a specific service? Or help with a more complex task? Our team are professionally trained, accredited and certified in all thing's technical; we can help fill in the gaps.

always operational

Always operational

Keeping your business running smoothly and continuously is essential. If something happens, we can act as the emergency support you need and be there to ensure your business remains operational, no matter what.

one step ahead

One step ahead

When your business requires IT support, we can help you stay ahead of your competitors by using expert IT resources to your advantage. This way, you have access to leading technology solutions, ensuring your business is always on top.

increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Having a team of experts helping and managing your systems so they become more streamlined, will help your team become more efficient and productive.

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What's included in complementary IT support?

We can offer any IT service you require to alleviate your workload and make your day easier.


Help with all your IT issues and problems


A team of expert staff, trained, qualified and accredited


Help with larger projects or services more unique


Onsite and remote support on offer


Access to industry-leading technology


Scale-up and down on your terms


Emergency support in a heartbeat


Strategic guidance, advice or support


Cover for employees who are absent or on holiday


Delivering time back to your core team, to focus on what they do best

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Why ITbuilder?

wealth of experience

Wealth of experience

Your experience with ITbuilder as your managed service provider will be second to none. Our team are trained on the latest technologies and updates to ensure that your IT experience is faultless.

making you a priority

Making you a priority

You come first. Whatever you need, our team will be there to help you and offer support, advice and solutions for your business. If you need us onsite or remote, we can be there; just give us a call.

business goals

Technology catered to your business goals

We can provide custom IT solutions aligned with your business needs and goals to ensure that your business and team reap the benefits of technology. Having a strong IT foundation will be the difference between you and your competitors.

account management

Dedicated and detailed account management

You will have a dedicated team member who will ensure that you are getting the most out of your IT package and that everything is running smoothly. Regular reviews and meetings will guarantee that you are always in the loop.

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  • Mitchell was very helpful and very thorough and dealt with my issues quickly and effectively. Thank you

    Jennie, Vuelio

  • 5 Star service from Matt today. Many thanks.

    Robert, Dutch & Dutch

  • Matt was very helpfull.

    Ben, Talent Edge

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