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Case Study: Central Trade’s IT Transformation Through Outsourcing with ITbuilder

Case Study: Central Trade’s IT Transformation Through Outsourcing with ITbuilder 


Central Trade, a prominent West London-based footwear wholesaler, faced a significant challenge when a key IT team member moved on the company. The departure left Spyros Tsatsa, the remaining IT staff member, needing support to manage daily IT operations and address more complex issues. To resolve this, Central Trade decided to outsource part of their IT systems management to ITbuilder, forming a co-managed IT arrangement. This case study explores the reasons behind this decision, the benefits realised, and the positive impact on the company's IT infrastructure.


Central Trade has been operating as a wholesaler and retailer of many well-known footwear brands since 1983. The company has long relied on a small but efficient IT team to maintain its technological infrastructure. However, the unexpected departure of a senior IT member placed considerable strain on the department, highlighting gaps in expertise and the need for reliable support.

The Decision to Outsource

Outsourcing was chosen over rehiring into a senior position for several key reasons: 

Expertise Gap: ITbuilder provides specialised skills that supplement Spyros's capabilities, ensuring all IT needs are met. 

Coverage: Outsourcing offers continuous support, covering for Spyros during vacations and sick leave. 

Strategic Focus: With routine tasks managed by ITbuilder, Spyros can focus on strategic projects that drive business growth. 

Technology: With access to a first-class toolset for security, data protection and cloud-productivity and management services, ITbuilder have been able to quickly fortify and streamline the IT systems.

Proximity Advantage

ITbuilder’s close proximity to London is a significant benefit, especially since Spyros operates remotely and the business headquarters are not easily accessible to him. From its base it Hertford, Herts, ITbuilder has a daily technician presence within London’s tube zones 1-3 and can deploy resource at a moment’s notice. This arrangement ensures quick on-site support when necessary, maintaining smooth IT operations without geographical constraints.

Cloud Computing Evolution

Access to ITbuilder’s expertise in modern cloud computing technologies has enabled Central Trade to transition to a hybrid IT system. This involves leveraging cloud SaaS platforms, providing scalability and reliability, and reducing dependence on physical infrastructure, as borne out by migration of services into Microsoft 365.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Approach

The co-managed IT approach has provided several advantages for Central Trade: 

Enhanced IT Support: Comprehensive support that covers all aspects of IT management. 

Cost Efficiency: Avoiding the high costs associated with hiring a senior IT professional. 

Strategic Development: Allowing Spyros to focus on strategic initiatives rather than daily operational tasks. 

Skill Diversity: Gaining access to a wide range of IT expertise without the need for multiple hires. 

Improved Reliability: Utilizing cloud technologies for scalable and reliable IT infrastructure.


Outsourcing to ITbuilder has proven to be a strategic decision for Central Trade. By bridging the expertise gap and providing consistent support, ITbuilder has empowered Spyros Tsatsa to focus on more productive initiatives, enhancing overall IT efficiency and effectiveness. 

Quote from Spyros Tsatsa,

“The partnership with ITbuilder has been transformative for both me and the company. Their support ensures that our IT systems run smoothly, and I can now focus on strategic projects that add real value to our business. Knowing that I have a team of experts to rely on for more complex issues and during my absences has significantly improved my work-life balance and the overall IT service experience for our users.” 


Graeme Montgomery

Graeme leads our commercial department and manages our client relationships. He is dedicated to ensuring we deliver value and navigate customers on their journey through business technology.

Graeme started our life at ITbuilder on the service desk and charted a quick rise to leadership through his dedication and commitment to his work, but especially to our customers. As such, he is at ease switching between technical and commercial topics and relating the two.

Known to his colleagues as G, he is a local Hertfordshire resident and ex-pro footballer, making it as far as League One as well as representing several local teams, such as St Albans, Borehamwood and Hemel Hempstead.

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