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Simplifying Recovery with Cloud Managed Backup and Recovery Solution

Maritimo Broking Ltd is independent privately-owned broking company transacting reinsurance and insurance business across the globe and based in the City of London. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to data security, Maritimo operates on a foundation of trust and reliability.

The Challenge

Maritimo had been relying on a legacy disaster recovery service that was proving to be increasingly challenging to manage. The existing system was cumbersome, and lacked the RTO/RPO capabilities of modern technologies. Recognizing the critical importance of data protection and business continuity, Maritimo sought a modernised solution that could deliver enhanced reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.

The Solution

In collaboration with Maritimo, our tech consultant team at ITbuilder tailored a managed backup and recovery solution designed to address their specific requirements. Utilising the cutting-edge Cove backup and data protection technology, we implemented a comprehensive system that safeguards Maritimo's on-premise server estate with unmatched efficiency and resilience.

Key features of the solution included

Easy to manage: As an existing user of Cove Microsoft 365 backup to protect its cloud estate, the Maritimo team were familiar with the interface and management tools. It was therefore an easy transition and they can now manage their on-premise and cloud workloads in a single portal.

Cove Backup Service: Our solution capitalised on the advanced capabilities of Cove backup service to ensure seamless, reliable backups of Maritimo's critical data assets. With automated scheduling and continuous monitoring, the Cove backup service provided robust, secure protection of data to on-site and cloud storage repositories, offering flexible, granular on-premise restoration options.

Recovery Image Service: To further enhance Maritimo's disaster recovery capabilities, we integrated a recovery image service into the solution. This innovative feature enabled the rapid restoration of servers into a recovery environment hosted in Microsoft Azure, ensuring that all on-premise servers could be restored and made available within minutes of every backup job.

Automated Recovery Testing: To provide complete peace of mind that backup archive images were functional, the recovery service was combined with an automated recovery test where server images are started in the sandboxed, recovery environment and tested with a boot check procedure.

Azure Hosting: By combining with the scalability and resilience of Microsoft Azure, we provided Maritimo with a secure and flexible recovery environment. In the event of a catastrophic event, Maritimo could quickly and seamlessly transition their operations to the Azure-hosted recovery environment, minimising disruption and ensuring business continuity.

The Outcome

The implementation of our managed backup and recovery solution marked a transformative milestone for Maritimo, revolutionizing their approach to disaster recovery and data protection. With the legacy system replaced by a modernised, agile solution, Maritimo gained unparalleled confidence in their ability to safeguard their critical assets and maintain operational continuity, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Quote from IT Manager, K. Matteson

"The reassurance provided by ITbuilder managed backup and recovery solution is invaluable to our organisation. Knowing that our data is securely protected and that our systems can be rapidly restored in the event of a disaster gives us the peace of mind to focus on our core business objectives.”


In an increasingly digital world where data is the lifeblood of business, ensuring robust protection and swift recovery capabilities is paramount. By partnering with ITbuilder to design and support a recovery solution tailored to their needs, Maritimo not only modernised their disaster recovery strategy but also fortified their resilience in the face of adversity. With our managed backup and recovery solution, Maritimo stands poised to navigate the future with confidence, knowing that their data is protected and their operations are secure.

Note: the names of the business and personnel have been anonymised on this edition of this case study to protect the company’s security.

Graeme Montgomery

Graeme leads our commercial department and manages our client relationships. He is dedicated to ensuring we deliver value and navigate customers on their journey through business technology.

Graeme started our life at ITbuilder on the service desk and charted a quick rise to leadership through his dedication and commitment to his work, but especially to our customers. As such, he is at ease switching between technical and commercial topics and relating the two.

Known to his colleagues as G, he is a local Hertfordshire resident and ex-pro footballer, making it as far as League One as well as representing several local teams, such as St Albans, Borehamwood and Hemel Hempstead.

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