Technician pointing to a TV screen showing a service desk dashboard

Stats Amazing!

Here is Jake pointing out the tasty wall-board upgrade we just completed in the office.

The service desk vital-statistics board has been souped up to a pair of twin-55″ LED screens. Visible from every corner of the office, the impressive work that Jake and co do each day can be seen at a glance by everyone. No wonder he is looking pretty pleased with himself.

The screens are fed by two little Intel NUC PCs, which are a big favourite of ours for use in office/public display or meeting room applications. They are super-quiet and compact so can be mounted directly behind screens or a small shelf or wall-mount as we have done here. Yet pack enough power to run a wide range of applications, not just for display purposes.

Wallboards have become an indispensable tool in service desk environments, revolutionizing the way information is displayed and managed. By offering real-time data visualization, they enable service desk teams to monitor key performance metrics, track service level agreements, and identify trends or bottlenecks promptly.

These visual aids facilitate effective communication among team members, enhancing collaboration and ensuring a coordinated response to customer queries and issues. Moreover, the dynamic nature of wallboards allows for the customization of displayed content, enabling service desk managers to prioritize tasks and keep the team aligned with organizational goals.

Overall, wallboards serve as a centralized information hub, fostering transparency, improving efficiency, and ultimately enhancing the overall service delivery experience.

Give us a call if you would like to get a display set-up working in your office.


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Jake pointing at the wallboard
Close up of wallboard PCs

James Gray

James runs ITbuilder's service desk and has over a decade of experience at the sharp end of SME IT services. James has responsibility for ensuring that customer issues are dealt with efficiently and that his team meets its service level agreements.

James' path to service management was via the service desk and professional services, so James is well positioned to advise on all aspects of business IT.

A local boy, James grew up in Hoddesdon and now lives in Hertford. He graduated with a BA from Reading University.

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