Post-lockdown Locker Situation

We’re sending COVID back to school with our new lockers!

In preparation for a return to the office, we have installed a personal closet arrangement that takes us back in time. The ITbuilder crew are returning to the office in small numbers this week.

Each team member parks themselves in a designated desk, evenly spread out through the office. Our new ‘clear desk policy’ states that staff must clear down their workstation at the end of every shift. The sharing of keyboards, mice and headsets is strictly prohibited. All personal equipment mustn’t be left lying around, but what to do with it all then?

James Gray hit upon on the idea of individual lockers to make desk clutter a thing of the past – genius! We love the eighties swimming-baths vibe they bring to the place {No heavy petting!) and even managed to find a colour that picks out our wall-art.

Who said that COVID-safe procedure planning is all dull and boring?

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