Water boiler and bowl of limescale

Emergency de-scale keeps the troops hydrated & caffeinated

Last week, we suffered a serious systems-down emergency at ITbuilder HQ. Our hot-water urn packed up, which plunged the office into relative chaos. An emergency kettle was arranged but it struggled to handle the require output of Joe needed to fuel an IT Helpdesk. So, our MD and general office handyman attempted to repair the applicance. After shutting off the power and disassembling the heating element and various pipes, it was clear to see that it was all a touch furred up. An hour of hardcore de-scaling later (literally shoveling handfuls of calcium carbonate from the tank), we were back in business and the Gold Blend was back on tap.

That anyone wanted to drink from it after seeing what came of the tank (see pic below for your disgust) is a mystery. It just goes to show how dependent a team of expert IT technicians are on caffeinated drinks and why we now operate with a business continuity plan involving two backup kettles and a table-top thermos with pump dispenser.

That’s possibly why we are considered one of the top companies in Hertfordshire for Disaster Recovery planning!!



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