New installed network cabinet and servers

Smooth Move

Our senior tech team completed another very smooth office move this weekend.

Although the customer’s new premises were only 10 minutes down the road, it still required meticulous planning to ensure that all of the data and telecoms services transferred without a hitch. Hats off to Andy and Joe for pulling it off and completing another beautiful cabinet installation. To any technician, that is a thing of beauty.

New fibre Ethernet was installed along with network infrastructure to deliver voice and data connectivity as well as backbone network services for two servers.  The fibre Ethernet service was complimented with vDSL backup to provide connectivity in the event of an outage. 

All of the network equipment was contained in a rack cabinet within the air-conditioned room and the tower form-factor servers sat on the floor with plenty of air-circulation. 

A well-organized and tidy communication and server cabinet is essential for the smooth operation of any modern business. In the realm of IT infrastructure, where cables, servers, and networking equipment converge, maintaining a clutter-free environment is not merely about aesthetics but is integral to functionality. Neatly arranged cables and labelled connections simplify troubleshooting, enabling IT professionals to swiftly identify and resolve issues, thereby minimizing downtime. This organization also facilitates routine maintenance tasks, making it easier to replace or upgrade components without the risk of disrupting the entire system. The significance of tidiness extends beyond operational efficiency; it directly impacts the longevity of hardware by promoting optimal airflow and temperature management. Overheating is a common concern in server rooms, and a well-maintained cabinet setup mitigates this risk, ensuring the reliability and longevity of critical infrastructure.

We regularly installed Managed Network infrastructure for our customers and bundle this in with their managed service. If you would like information on how to get your communications cabinet looking similarly neat and tidy, give us a call today on the number above. 




Simon Lunness

Simon is an IT veteran having worked over two decades in both technical and commercial capacities in the industry. He consults with our our key accounts on their business challenges and keeps them on the forefront of technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Simon has the knack of translating human problems into technological solutions using jargon-free communication that people can really relate to. He loves nothing more than getting into a room with a bunch of people and taking the meeting notes back to our technicians to build clever solutions that add value to businesses.

Lunny, as he known to all, grew up in Enfield and moved up the A10 to Hertford to settle down with his family.

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