Technician sat eating an ice-cream next to an air-conditioning unit

A/C on the blink

When your air-conditioning goes on the blink during the peak summer heatwave, techs get busy.

A pre-10am next day order with our friends at Screwfix and these smart little portables, together with a clever window ducting kit, are keeping us as cool as.. with the help of a Cornetto or two, of course.

With the mercury hitting over well over 30 degrees Celsius this week, these portable units have got their work cut out. We sure hope they hold out and are up to the job. 

Fortunately, the air-conditioning in our server room, which hosts a full rack of Dell PowerVault and PowerEdge equipment and is backed up with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator, is run from a separate system and is holding up well this summer. If that air-conditioning system failed, the room would overheat in moments, which is why we have redundancy built-in and have it regularly serviced. Regular servicing of server room air-conditioning system is essential to keep them working trouble-free.

On a broader scale, an air-conditioned workplace plays a pivotal role in enhancing staff comfort and productivity. Beyond mere temperature regulation, it creates an optimal working environment that fosters concentration and efficiency.

By controlling humidity and purifying the air, it ensures a healthier atmosphere, reducing the likelihood of respiratory ailments and fatigue. Moreover, a comfortable work environment leads to higher employee satisfaction and morale, thereby reducing turnover rates and fostering a sense of loyalty among the workforce.

The provision of a cool and comfortable workspace not only enhances employee well-being but also underscores an employer's commitment to the health and welfare of their staff, contributing to a more positive and conducive organizational culture.

It rarely gets up to thirty degrees in Hertfordshire, but when it does, you are glad you made the investment in a proper a/c system, that is for sure. 

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Simon Lunness

Simon is an IT veteran having worked over two decades in both technical and commercial capacities in the industry. He consults with our our key accounts on their business challenges and keeps them on the forefront of technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Simon has the knack of translating human problems into technological solutions using jargon-free communication that people can really relate to. He loves nothing more than getting into a room with a bunch of people and taking the meeting notes back to our technicians to build clever solutions that add value to businesses.

Lunny, as he known to all, grew up in Enfield and moved up the A10 to Hertford to settle down with his family.

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