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Want to keep your business operational, no matter what? Stop downtime once and for all, and make sure your company is always prepared with a comprehensive Business Continuity plan.

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The importance of a Business Continuity plan

Why does your business need a Business Continuity plan? First off, without one, you could land yourself and your business in some serious hot water. The future is unpredictable, so ensuring your business is equipped with the right solutions to weather any storm is essential. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve and your competitors by ticking off all the vital processes your business needs.

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How can a Business Continuity plan help your business?

avoid critical downtime

Avoid critical downtime

Downtime has the ability to cripple a business. How long can your business be down before any severe damage can occur? An hour? A day? A week?

It's not worth finding out. Having a Business Continuity plan can help ensure that your business avoids downtime at all possible costs.

save money long term

Help you save money long term

Investing in a robust Business Continuity plan is crucial. Not only will it keep your business operational, but help you save money long term. A disaster, cyber-attack, or even human error can inflict severe costs for a business in terms of downtime, damages and getting your systems back operating as usual. With a Business Continuity plan, your company can prevent unwanted and damaging expenses.

diminish risks

Diminish risks

Want to put your anxieties to rest? With a Business Continuity plan, you can help mitigate risk within and against your business.

Ensure you and your team can rest easy at night, reassured that whatever happens, your company can continue business as usual, with minimal risks.

What's included in our Business Continuity services?

industry leading solutions

Industry-leading solutions

We partner with only the best in the business, so we can supply our customers with the best tools equipped to keep you protected.

regular automated backups

Regular automated backups

We know the danger of data loss. This is why we carry out regular and automated backups, so your data is kept secure and never lost.

utilising the cloud

Utilising the Cloud

The Cloud not only offers backup but robust security solutions. By leveraging the Cloud, we can harness keep your business operational.

disaster recovery planning

Disaster Recovery planning

We will help create your disaster recovery plan and help you with every step, so it's the right plan to help your individual business needs.

security audits

Security audits

We will carry out detailed security audits to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure they are no longer a threat.

access to experts

Access to experts

We've been in the IT game a long time, trust that we know what to do. Our team are regularly trained to handle business continuity processes.

For more information on our Business Continuity services, simply reach out.

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Why ITbuilder?

wealth of experience

Wealth of experience

Your experience with ITbuilder as your managed service provider will be second to none. Our team are trained on the latest technologies and updates to ensure that your IT experience is faultless.

making you a priority

Making you a priority

You come first. Whatever you need, our team will be there to help you and offer support, advice and solutions for your business. If you need us onsite or remote, we can be there; just give us a call.

business goals

Technology catered to your business goals

We can provide custom IT solutions aligned with your business needs and goals to ensure that your business and team reap the benefits of technology. Having a strong IT foundation will be the difference between you and your competitors.

account management

Dedicated and detailed account management

You will have a dedicated team member who will ensure that you are getting the most out of your IT package and that everything is running smoothly. Regular reviews and meetings will guarantee that you are always in the loop.

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