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The business benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

As we begin to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have settled firmly into the era of hybrid work. Your team are no longer tied to the office or even their desk; with the right tools, they can work from anywhere, on any device. The world is adapting rapidly to this new situation. If you don’t invest in the right technology to support your team, you will be left behind.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is the perfect solution for your remote workforce. AVD is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their Windows desktop and connected applications, virtually and securely. All they need is an internet connection. 

Flexible working  

With Azure Virtual Desktop, your team can work from anywhere in the world. The primary advantage of AVD is that your staff’s user experience will be the same as if they were working locally. When you implement AVD, the flexibility of your workforce will increase drastically. Everything you need to be productive is stored in one place on the Cloud, accessible at the click of a button. AVD also has tracking capabilities that allow managers to monitor the actions of their employees. This makes it perfect for a remote workforce, as everyone is kept up to date and accountable all the time.

Deploy and scale quickly 

Managing your IT infrastructure is simple with Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft has created Azure Virtual Portal, a management hub for Azure Virtual Desktop, which allows you or your IT partner to efficiently configure network settings, manage and assign users, and deploy apps. As Azure Virtual Desktop is designed to support your specific requirements, the Azure Portal has a user-friendly, single interface. Azure Virtual Desktop is fully scalable according to your current business needs. You can even set up automated scaling with AVD, if required.

Built-in security

Since the pandemic, cyber-attacks have increased in frequency and maturity. Cyber criminals are fully aware of how vulnerable businesses are, with employees working from home and using their own devices. Even as COVID begins to ease, cyber security continues to be a major concern for many businesses. However, when you implement Azure Virtual Desktop you benefit from a range of security benefits. As AVD is a cloud-based solution, your data is stored and secured in the Cloud, making it easier to protect from cyber threats, natural disasters and other potential dangers.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a Microsoft solution, so it is protected by the range of premium security features Microsoft offers. There are specific security solutions integrated into Azure, such as Azure Security Centre, Azure Firewall and multi-factor authentication. Microsoft are also releasing further data protection features, such as app screening. This helps to ensure that your data is always defended from theft.


Azure Virtual Desktop is the ideal solution for any modern business looking to enhance the flexibility, agility and scalability of their business. To find out about the many additional benefits, and how to implement AVD effectively, download our comprehensive eBook today. 

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James Naylor

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