Three members of ITbuilder working on an office move

The A-team

Big shout out to 5 ITbuilders that pulled off a manic mid-day phone swap at city-based yesterday. The guys had to swap 112 IP phones in the middle of the working day in a busy office as the telephone numbers ported across @wearegamma

It was a pretty hectic hour, but with all five of us going flat out, we got around each desk, switched them to nice new Polycom VVX411 desk phones and even had all the old phones boxed up and the packaging cleared down within a couple of hours, all with minimal disruption to the staff at their desk.

It was meticulously planned in advanced and everything prepared to make sure that the bulk of the change over could be done in the lunchtime period, when most of the staff were grabbing a break. 

It was long hard day's work and there wasn't much time for breaks for our team. The guys powered on until early evening and got the job done in incredibly good time. 

We regularly handle large scale IP telephony roll outs like this all over London, as part of our Managed Cloud Telephony services. Give us a call on the number above if we can help you with  a similar project.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… DAH, DAH, DAAAAH, Da, Da, DAAAAAA

Jimmy G
Jimmy G, JR and Sam
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