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Cyber Security Best Practices poster

We frequently get asked for tips and pointers on how to improve security practices in a business and ways of sharing that information among staff. Knowledge is power after all. 

Yes, we can do a lot of clever stuff with technology these days, but it does require planning in advance to understand the scope of what is being secured as well as the business' appetite for risk. After all, there is little point in locking everything down to the point that hampers productivity. Nor is it smart to secure certain systems yet leave a glaring 'open door' because you didn't stop to consider everywhere that data is being stored or processed.

Staff awareness is also one of your best methods of protection because it is, unfortunately, one of the main weaknesses. Developing awareness and vigilance within your organisation is a key, and fairly simple, step to improving your overall cyber-security position. 

To aid our customers with the getting the message on security best practices out there, we designed an information sheet that can be shared with staff. There is an email 'flyer' format to circulate as well as a print-quality poster, if you wanted to stick it on a noticeboard. It is provided here for general consumption, as you just can't have enough reminders of how to keep the cyber-criminals out and your data out of harm's way.


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Print Quality Poster

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