Before and after images of a network cabinet after it has been stripped down and tidied up

Andy’s IT Cabinet Makeover #48

Here we have another successful cabinet make-over by our man, Mr. Aldridge.

We start with the fit-to-burst, unmanageable wall-cabinet that is a complete business liability. After several hours of hard toil (out of business hours, of course), the cabinet is transformed into a beautiful, organised communications rack that is simple for any technician to look after. In this example, the cabinet was too small to fit all of the equipment and a second one was installed beneath it.

Nice job, Andy.

Maintaining a network cabinet in a neat and serviceable condition is paramount. It no only lends itself to simpler changes and adjustments, such as patching in new devices, but also improves air flow through the space - something that is important for electrical devices. Also in the event of a fault or service disruption, it is much quicker and easier to resolve when the cabinet isn't a total mess!

This is just another example of the Managed Networks that we provide and how we can incorporate all aspects of a business' IT infrastructure into a managed agreement. 

Got an untidy network cabinet?

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Messy cabinet before job
Tidy network cabinet after work completed

James Naylor

James Naylor is ITbuilder's Managing Director and Founder. He has worked in technology since the early nineties and, after a decade in the corporate world, went into business himself.

James has lead ITbuilder for over two decades, building the business into the force that it is today, but is still a technician at heart and still very hands on with tech.

Despite growing up in Hertfordshire, James lives in the Netherlands for five years as well as London, before returning and setting up the base in Hertford, where he lives today.

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