Clean office refridgerator

You could eat your dinner off of that

We think that the state of a company’s fridge can tell you a lot about a business. That is why we are proud to throw open the door of ours to the world and demonstrate what a tidy team we are. Thanks to a regular clear out and clean down, there is no chance of sour milk or a mouldy tuna sandwich slowing us down. You may think is much of an achievement, but when the workforce is 90+% male and in almost all exclusively IT Techs, this is quite an achievement, believe me. Dare to show off your own office fridge? Post us a picture for a comparison

Workplace refrigerators play a pivotal role in enhancing the daily experience of employees by offering a convenient storage solution for their meals and perishable items. These communal appliances foster a sense of convenience and comfort, allowing staff to easily store and access their food throughout the workday. Beyond mere practicality, they promote a healthier and more cost-effective lifestyle, encouraging employees to bring homemade meals and snacks, thereby facilitating better dietary choices and reducing the reliance on outside eateries. Additionally, workplace refrigerators encourage social interactions during lunch breaks, as colleagues often gather around to share meals, exchange culinary tips, and build stronger interpersonal relationships. This communal aspect contributes to a more cohesive and collaborative work environment, where the shared space of the refrigerator becomes a symbol of unity and cooperation among the team.


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very clean fridge


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