IT Managed Services

Information Technology has become a cornerstone of the modern business and as fundamental to its existence as the arrangement of finance or premises. Employing the right technology and ensuring it keeps apace with the commercial demands of the organization is an essential part of doing business in today’s connected economy.  Whether you are a business owner or a manager with responsibility for your firm’s IT systems and services, you need to be assured that you have the right team on your side and selecting your IT partner is a decision that requires due consideration.

The right choice for People in Business

ITbuilder is an established and experienced managed service provider in the field of SME information technology. For more than fifteen years, we have been supporting our customers with technology solutions to meet their individual requirements. Our proposition is simple. After careful consultation and really listening to our customer’s needs, we provide:-

Professional Services

- to design the right system to meet the needs of the business and its users.
- to deliver it on time, within budget and wrap around this with:

Managed Services 

- to maintain the system for optimal performance and maximum availability
- to support users of the system through its lifecycle. 

What you get when you engage with ITbuilder is a true business partner that is trustworthy, professional and guaranteed to give you 100% effort on everything we do. We are passionate about what we do and its potential to improve a business through technology.

Read on for an overview of the areas of technology where we can deliver genuine improvements to your business.

Servers:  on-premise or cloud-hosted, physical or virtual with maximum redundancy to meet your budget

Storage: direct-attach or Storage-Area-Networks that are scalable and constantly available

Backup & DR: comprehensive managed backup that is reliable and tested

Security: emphasis on security across your core infrastructure

Wired LAN cabling: structure cabling design and installation, Cat5/6 standards for data, voice and video

Wireless LAN: planning and deployment of autonomous or controller-based wireless LAN networks

Mobile Data: provision of 3G/4G access for users or as redundant internet services for office premises

Remote Access & VPN: secure user from remote locations to company infrastructure

Computer systems: supply and support of user desktop and laptop personal computers

Tablet & Smartphone: provision of mobile productivity devices

Peripherals: management and maintenance of external computer peripheral devices such as Printers & Scanners




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Telephony: deliver phone handsets, lines and call packages for business telecommunications

Video-conferencing: on-premise or cloud hosting personal or meeting room conferencing systems

Collaboration: Web meeting, instant messaging and desktop sharing with unified communications platforms

Mobile Voice: provide mobile voice and data services from a selection of main UK mobile operators

Email & Messaging: private mail and chat platforms with integrated security and archiving

Line of Business Applications: industry specific application support liaising with specialist software vendors

CRM & Productivity: deployment of databases for customer transaction information and common desktop application support

Websites: design and delivery of online web applications on public Internet