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5 Common Security Mistake YOU Could Be Making

At ITbuilder, our clients’ main concern is usually security. Businesses are concerned about getting hacked, staff access, hosting reliability and other factors and, rest assured, we share this view hence the reason for us banging on about it in this blog. We thought it would be useful to just re-iterate a warning about how security can be compromised by general human carelessness... ways that are so simple you probably didn’t even consider them. Take a look at our five point checklist below and if you are guilty of any of the security mistakes then it’s time to stop. 1.       Passwords Written on Sticky Notes We have been to so many offices where passwords are written on notepads and sticky notes next to the PCs or servers. Now think about that for a minute- isn’t it crazy? You have installed a state of the art security system and then left the passwords sitting around for anyone to use. Perhaps you don’t do this, but have you checked the desks of ...

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Should You Trash Your Server And Move To The Cloud?

Scenario Your server is now rather old and you have stuck with it through the good and bad times. Now your applications are slow, there is no more space and your IT support has told you that you need to replace it. So the question you are faced with you replace it with a new server or move to the cloud? ITbuilder takes a look at the cases for and against moving to a cloud hosted server. The Case For Cloud Many businesses have already moved over to the cloud and those that haven’t yet, have factored in a move with their next update. Onsite hardware is still necessary to a degree however servers are rapidly being replaced by cloud hosted storage. Cloud is ideal for dynamic companies who want the flexibility to grow to scale and save on hardware costs. Cloud hosted storage is cheaper but also allows for increased productivity and capabilities within the workplace.  They allow you to be more flexible and save on IT costs, resulting in higher revenues and increased efficiency. Mi ...

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Start-up IT Infrastructures on a Budget

We are living in exciting times for start ups as more and more individuals and small companies embark on new ventures and challenges bringing innovative and fresh ideas to the market place. We always read about the Silicon Valley tech start-ups which often have sensational funding to enable them to progress but what about the majority that don’t? Starting a new company can be a stressful and costly process and one of the major factors to consider at the outset is your IT infrastructure. ITbuilder has assisted a number of start-up companies to plan and implement their IT structure and ... believe it or not ... we were also once a start-up! Read our 4 point guide below on what to aim for and what to avoid when planning your IT infrastructure on a budget. Don’t Rush The decisions you make early on with regard to your IT setup can haunt you later on if you make the wrong ones! Think carefully about where your business will be heading and not just where you are right now. It is easy to make im ...

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Does Your IT Infrastructure meet Staff Expectations?

There are a number of hot topics in the IT world right now when it comes to staff expectations and infrastructure. Should your staff be allowed access to social networks? Should you provide them with “work from home” technologies? Today it is usually not necessary to teach employees about the latest technologies because they already know. They have grown up with internet, tablets, smartphones and social media and therefore their expectations for the workplace will include these elements. At ITbuilder we believe that by embracing new technologies whilst maintaining sensible boundaries companies offer staff the chance to work more effectively without the frustrations of rigid workforce boundaries. Social Media Social media is now entirely integrated into the framework of life. It spans all ages, demographics and incorporates personal and business elements. Traditional Response If you give staff social media access they will just waste their time on Facebook all day and productivity will ...

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Countdown to GameOver Zeus Virus

As International crime agencies have warned computer users that they have just two weeks to protect themselves against the latest malware, ITbuilder takes a look at GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker ransomware and advises you what you should do now. It’s been a bad year for computer viruses and security scares and just as we recover from Heartbleed it seems we have another threat looming. A variation of the old password stealing malware Zeus is back and GameOver Zeus now uses very sneaky encryption to dodge standard firewall systems leaving users susceptible to attack. GameOver Zeus targets passwords and financial documents making it nasty for most computer users and is especially worrying for large corporations. Because the EXE type file which was linked to GameOver Zeus will now be picked up by anti-virus software, the authors of the malware have begun to encrypt the file to distribute it as an ENC non executable file. This presents your computer system with a file which seems normal and may not be pic ...

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