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5 Cool Ways To Use The Cloud

If you are not already employing cloud technology for your business then perhaps you need a little convincing. Cloud computing is cost effective, innovative and powerful and can allow your business to branch out much faster than traditional technology. Still not convinced? ITbuilder takes a look at the top 5 cool things you can do with cloud based technology in your business. No More Attachments With Cloud File sharing If your business works with documentation (which most of us do) then sending attachments can be really annoying. You have to email the attachments which are sometimes too big to send and then any changes made by a team member need to be resent amongst the collaborators. Cloud-based file sharing systems puts an end to all this! Early cloud sharing software such as DropBox is ideal for very small businesses and personal users who can collaborate and edit files without duplicating content or needing to send emails. DropBox is limited to 2BG (free) however ITbuilder can assist you with profe ...

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Financial markets data provider trades up on tech

The Client Based in the Wall Street of London, Directors Deals is a company in the beating heart of the financial district. An established global brand, Directors Deals collates a database of share trades made by directors in their company stock. As well as individual transactions, the database comprises information on the directors themselves as well as company information and share price performance data. Dating back as far as fifteen years, Directors Deals holds data on 65,000 companies and over 400,000 directors with a client list that includes The Financial Times, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. Founded in 2001 by Michael Tindale, the Directors Deal brand has gone from strength to strength to become a revered global provider. The Focus As an international brand, Directors Deals employees are located around the globe and every minute they are entering trades in different time zones.  As with all financial market data, execution speeds are critical to achieving accurate and positive out ...

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Can You Rely on Hosted Telephony?

Everyone is talking about cloud based hosted telephony but is it something you can truly rely on for your business? It is predicted that expenditure for cloud services will reach $155 billion this year and will then exceed $210 billion by 2016 so it is clear that expectations for growth are enormous.  That said, there seems to be some hesitancy amongst companies, even those who have embraced other modern technologies when it comes to cloud services.  Questioning hosted telephony is completely normal because, well, how can you trust something you cannot see?  It is also understandable because your business would be on its knees if its communications were to fail so can you really rely on it?  Top 5 Advantages of Hosted telephony •           No line rental charges, low initial set up costs & low monthly licence fees •           Easily upscaled or downscaled to sui ...

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No Heartbleed at ITbuilder

Panic raged amongst the online community last week when it was announced that the Heartbleed bug, an internet security vulnerability had put users passwords at risk across a number of popular websites. Urgent messages flooded forums and social sites, in some case unnecessarily panicking users to change all their passwords to avoid potentially getting hacked. Sites that were potentially affected included Gmail, Netflix and Dropbox and there was much confusion about what users needed to do. What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed (technically known as CVE-2014-0160) is a term coined to describe a security vulnerability in OpenSSL software. This could leave passwords, usernames and scarily credit card details at risk of being intercepted by hackers. If a hacker were able to steal the digital keys which are used to encrypt your confidential data then they could easily access your private accounts and company documents leaving you open to a host of negative possibilities. Firstly and most importantly, ITbuider wi ...

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Windows + Mac in Remote Desktop Thriller!

Out now in theatres near you... just kidding but did you know that you can use a free app called Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect a remote PC to your work resources from almost anywhere even using a Mac? The team at ITbuilder has been playing with this new app and we just think it is too cool not to share! This exciting app means that you don’t need to copy your files to your home PC, carry a USB or even transfer files via a laptop. Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1 allows you to connect from your Macintosh computer to a Windows-based computer for free. The great thing about this is that you can then work with your Windows based computer files and applications without having to make any major changes! The cool thing about this app is that it connects your two computers over a network or Internet connection and you will see your work pc as though you were sitting right in front of it. This makes it super easy for you to launch straight into your work without having to mess about locatin ...

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Office for iPad Unleashes Your Mobile Possibilities

The team at ITbuilder are pretty excited about the latest move by Microsoft who have introduced Office for iPad unleashing a whole world of possibilities for iPad users. Up until now those using Office for business, which let’s face it is most of us, have had to carry a laptop around in addition to our iPad for accessing and working on Office documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Worse still we have been limited to working from a home desktop in order to share files with others on our network. Now with an Office 365 subscription users can create, edit, format and share documents from pretty much any PC, Tablet, Mac, Phone and of course iPad! Whilst some may be reluctant to view their iPad as a working tool as opposed to a plaything think of it this way – if you have to work away from the office wouldn’t it be nicer to do it in a cafe or perhaps even on the beach without taking your laptop? More and more businesses are recognising the value in mobile technology and equipping staff ...

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Answering The Call of Integrated Cloud Telephony for your Business

  ITbuilder speaks to a lot of businesses about their telephony needs and many are concerned about costs spiralling out of control, staff mobile phones, missing business calls, compliance issues and much more. The aim is to give your staff the freedom to excel in their role whilst also maintaining control over your finances and of course your key focus – client calls.  ITbuilder introduces Horizon – the complete communications service for your business. Horizon is “in the cloud” telephony that puts business owners in the driving seat by providing extensive features which are all controlled and operated via a simple web interface. How Does It Work? All your devices both mobile and desktop are connected via IP Telephony so users only need dial one number! This means that even if you have regional offices you can use one unique number for your business. It also means that you will not suffer the usual telephony interruptions caused by storms and strikes at your telephon ...

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