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RIP Tech Products of 2014

It’s been a great year for tech inventions with new apps becoming must have features of our lives, cloud computing on the rise, smart products taking over the world and a ton of other cool gadgets hitting the market. However as we welcome in the new it is also time to pay our respects to the old. Here, ITbuilder takes a look at 5 of the tech products we lost this year... RIP Tech Products of 2014. 1. MSN Messenger After Microsoft acquired Skype back in 2011 there were a number of changes made and one of these was the finishing up of Windows Live Messenger, a household name known better as MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger is a complete dinosaur when compared with today’s equivalents of WhatsApp, SnapChat and Facebook Messenger, but what can we say... we remember it fondly. 2. Windows XP Microsoft decided to end support for Windows XP this year in favour of streamlining its services and ultimately preparing for the big Microsoft 10! XP has been used in millions of offices and homes worldwide and we ...

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3 Tech New Year’s Resolutions You Must Keep

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? To lose weight, get fit, travel more or to finally go for that promotion you wanted? At ITbuilder we say do it but don’t forget your tech New Year’s Resolutions!  Here are 3 that you really should try to keep in 2015! 1. Update Security & Run Backups We all groan when our computers need to update their software and many of us close the reminder window and never actually do it. Actually this can be very damaging long term so in 2015 you need to be good and update security software!  If you don't, it's easier to get malware or trojan horses that could steal your information and harm your computer systems. Think how much time it will take you to recover all your personal information if you do get hacked... convinced yet? Set aside 10 minutes on a quiet day to run all your updates. Now, while we are on the subject of things we put off... what about backups? Are you one of those people who only remembers when your computer has died and ...

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3 Financial Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

How Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) can save money with cloud computing At ITbuilder we are big fans of cloud computing and many of our clients are too. Cloud computing helps organisations to work more effectively by storing collaborative documents in the cloud where they can be accessed by any authorised members of your organisation no matter where they are. So, the cloud is great for working more effectively but did you know that it can also save you money? Recent studies show that businesses which employ the cloud enjoy an ROI that is 1.7 times higher than they previously enjoyed with on site hosting. 1.7 times higher is HUGE! Read 3 Financial Benefits of Moving to the Cloud and find out why 2015 should be the year you make the switch and save your business money! 1. Lowered power costs Cloud computing uses less electricity something that is a major consideration for businesses especially small ones.  Large data servers can take up a considerable amount of office space and produce a larg ...

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3 Tech Gifts You Shouldn’t Buy For Christmas

It’s that time of year when we are purchasing Christmas gifts and with it comes that familiar panic. Panic because we don’t really know what people want or what the best gifts are for our nearest and dearest. At ITbuilder we love all things tech so our gifts are often tech-related but there are good gifts and bad gifts of the tech variety. So which ones should you avoid this year? 1.    Cutting-edge Alright, so we know that these are the must have items on many Christmas lists this year, but cutting edge tech such as smartwatches, Amazon Echo, Google Glass and Vessyl, not to mention iPhone 6 are still horrendously expensive.  Take Vessyl, for example. Vessyl is the cup that everyone is getting excited about because it keeps track of fat, calories and other info. It retails at around $100 but how useful is it really for the money? Give it a few months and we are certain the price will have dropped dramatically. Instead of spending crazy money on the latest tech products why not ...

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Do I need Managed Services?

Many businesses today are confused about the term managed services when it comes to IT. The belief of many is that they will lose control of their systems and end up spending a large chunk of budget for something they don’t really need. In this article ITbuilder takes a look at managed services and the questions you should ask before you employ a person or a company to undertake this role for your brand.                       What is a Managed Services Provider? A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is there to monitor, manage and troubleshoot on your behalf when it comes to your IT system. Today this also often includes integrated telephony and mobile devices which have become a necessary part of our working lives. MSPs also undertake everyday tasks which can be a burden to your office such as updating antivirus software, installing updates, backing up data, adding new users and removing old ones. A good MSP will offer a range of packages to suit ...

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