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Unified Communication–The Return On Your Investment

We have to admit (yet we make no apologies) that the majority of articles on this site reference the fact that Unified Communications will increase productivity and in our experience with the clients we’ve implemented a UC strategy for, that fact is true. However, it turns out that ‘increased productivity’ is not easy to prove beyond a certain level, especially to accountants. You could have the most expensive, state-of-the-art setup that streamlines everything but if you’re lazy it makes no difference. The vice-versa works too. This point was hammered home to us recently. In a meeting with a client who used to run a publishing company in the mid-90s, he was explaining that when they wanted to send proofs to the printer or to the indexer, they had to be printed on huge, expensive machines, packed up and either posted in the conventional way or sent by courier. Today, we dump it all in Dropbox and it is with the intended recipient literally within seconds. The point being that in 1997, he didn’t know what w ...

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Face-To-Face Communications – The Past As Well As The Future?

We have been communicating with each other face-to-face for tens of thousands of years. It started with grunting and pointing and then primitive languages developed. We then realised that we could communicate over longer distances with smoke signals, complex systems of whistles and noises and then messages being passed from village to village. Fast-forward 30,000 years and we had the ability to send a letter, then to make a phone call, then to send an email and today, there are more and more sophisticated ways to get hold of us then we could ever have predicted. That said, are we hindering our future communications based on the ways it has always been done? In a recent study, 64% of adults say that technology has changed the way they communicate. Not a statistic you could extrapolate life-changing data from necessarily but it’s useful to try and find ways in which this behavioural shift can help us to think about the ways we do business with each other. For many, face-to-face communication is still the pre ...

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Cisco Jabber

As we’ve said before, here at ITbuilder we’re not obliged to use a suite of Unified Communication products from any one provider. Each system has its own features and benefits and it’s our job to outline the communication tools from the major players and then when we come in to talk it through with you, you’ll be in a strong position to choose precisely what your business needs. Jabber is Cisco’s UC application, and in a nutshell, it gives your teams the freedom to be productive from anywhere they happen to find themselves, on any device (PC, mobile, tablet, web). It lets you assess presence, instant messaging clients, voice calls and messaging, video, desktop sharing and conferencing, be it over the web, video or telephone. Key Business Benefits of Cisco Jabber You dramatically reduce communication delays with presence and contact information – you can instantly see your co-workers’, clients, suppliers and stakeholders’ availability. See who’s on ...

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Northants-based digital marketing agency increase capacity without breaking walls

A growing digital marketing agency gets increased capacity by ditching a traditional telephone system in favour of an integrated IP system that drops in, switches on and eliminates limitations in extensions and cabling that had been a business headache for some time. The Problem Star Digital Marketing Services Ltd is a digital design agency based in Northamptonshire located near the grounds of Castle Ashby, the seat of the Marquis of Northampton. As with all businesses, telecommunications is an essential part of their infrastructure enabling them to stay in touch with customers and partners at all stages of the projects they work on. Their existing telephony infrastructure was a legacy BT TDM telephone system with several handsets located throughout the building. This system was coming to the end of its supported life and was no longer cost-effective to upgrade with additional capacity and proving expensive and time-consuming to make simple configuration changes to meet the needs of the bus ...

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Unified Communication In the Cloud – Is It Ready?

There are a number of analysts who are suggesting that Communications as a Service (CaaS) is finally here, and its popularity is growing. We all use cloud services (often without realising it) such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail, for storage and for our social media activity but what does the introduction of cloud-based UC for business mean for companies who are invested in PBX equipment and desktop applications? Two things seem to be happening. A number of companies are moving towards a hybrid model, where they are successfully combining cloud and ‘on-premise’ services that take advantage of a) what the cloud has to offer and b) their existing hardware but some are taking the (well-advised) plunge into a full Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) strategy and the benefits to businesses of all sizes are immediate and obvious – Cloud-based services use a number of different UC components and can offer cost-savings when compared to integrating UC components from multiple suppliers You don’t h ...

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Microsoft Lync

As we’ve mentioned, Unified Communication is essentially a catch-all term for transforming communications into collaborative interaction that all at once becomes engaging and accessible from anywhere. It’s highly secure and reliable and works in conjunction with your existing IT infrastructure and systems to make it easy to manage, cheaper in real terms and much more flexible where options and scalability are concerned. It’s also important to note here that at ITbuilder, we aren’t committed to using UC tools from any one company. There are plenty to choose from, all with their own features and benefits and we’ll be letting you know about the offerings from the main players in the market over the coming weeks and months. Microsoft Lync is, to state the obvious, Microsoft’s UC tool and it has been designed with one simple thing in mind – to make workflows and processes easier and accessible. Lync provides a single interface that unites voice communications, data, instant messaging, audio, video, data and web ...

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