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Unified Communications – Key Business Drivers

You run a successful business and the way you know it’s successful is that a) you make more money than you spend and b) you look for cost savings and efficiencies across all aspects of your business while getting a similar, if not a better service. The second point is all the more pertinent when it comes to your IT spend. Should you wish to, you can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on an all-singing, all-dancing IT infrastructure and there will always be unscrupulous players in every industry who will insist you need ‘everything, right now’. However, if you don’t know how to deploy it effectively, you don’t use anywhere close to its capacity of it’s just for vanity purposes you are literally throwing money down the drain. So how do you build a robust business case for investment in Unified Communications and show the resulting returns on that investment? The Pros – Dramatic cost savings across all aspects of your IT infrastructure The management of your IT is simplified You have the abili ...

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Unified Communications – Are There Security Risks Inherent With Unified Communications?

It’s a fact. Regardless of how secure the online world is, there are always unscrupulous and increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals who will attempt to derail, steal from and otherwise compromise businesses both small and large. The more sophisticated the security, the more sophisticated the criminal. It’s a vicious circle with no end and each leap forward in technical innovation is usually followed by the exploitation of frailties in security. These aren’t just scare tactics to get you to part with your money for a suite of new technology, if you’re looking for practical examples here are some whoppers – An Eastern European VoIP hacking ring is estimated to have stolen €11m in services by the time it was broken up in late 2010. Companies deploying non-secured VoIP and UC systems paid the price The US government broke up an international communications hacking ring that used hackers in Asia, targeting companies in America, and reselling stolen services in Italy. The ring hacked more than 2,000 b ...

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Introducing Andrew Aldridge - CCNA

A few months ago, we were rejoicing at the news that one of the ITbuilder stable had passed the extremely difficult and much sought after Cisco CCNA certification. This badge of honour that demonstrates the holder really knows their stuff when it comes to understanding the technologies that make the Internet tick was bestowed upon Andrew Aldridge, a Computer Science graduate and one of ITbuilder’s Senior Support Engineers. Some regular readers of our blog may have asked themselves “but, who is this chap?” Andy is indeed a man of few words and likes to keep a low-profile unless there is some heavy duty network configuration or intense internetwork trouble-shooting to be getting on with, so we thought we would officially introduce him to you all. For those who may not have yet been the recipient of some of Andy’s superlative technological twiddling, here is a short bio of the man to tide you over until you are.

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How Can Unified Communication Benefit Your Business?

By integrating all your business’s communications (voice, video, data and software applications) into one coherent system, you will increase productivity and profitability, bring costs down and greatly improve your professional presence. That’s the simple answer that you’ll read on every IT website but there’s a little more to it than that. Naturally, in the economic climate we find ourselves in, the cost implications of upgrading IT hardware and software have to be carefully looked at but as an SME, you need to stay mindful of the fact that Unified Communication (UC) isn’t an off-the-shelf product. There is an increasingly wide variety of options available to you and by talking to us, we can implement a system that will not only benefit your business in the immediate term, it will be scalable enough to grow as your business does. To put it in the terms of a salesman, if the cost is within your budget and the service meets the needs of your business, switching from your existing system to a UC system is, in ...

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