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Unified Communication – How Does UC Work With My Existing Infrastructure?

Today’s forward thinking businesses aren’t like yesterday’s forward-thinking businesses. There is more of an urgency to deliver a first-class service as more and more competitors come into the market, but in the times of austerity we currently find ourselves in, there are a number of offsets that need to be taken into consideration. Businesses find themselves under immense pressure to – Reduce capital expenditure Avoid high mobile roaming and hotel access charges on foreign trips Trim in-house telephony costs Slash expensive subscriptions to hosted web conferencing services Decrease office rentals by allowing employees to work remotely To address these issues, businesses have spent money on collaboration tools, telephony and video conferencing facilities slowly and incrementally. In theory, this is the right thing to do from a business standpoint but unfortunately, these systems tend to be a) expensive b) isolated and complex and c) underutilised. You know by now that unifying voice, data ...

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Getting Started With Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is, as we know now, a catch-all term for the convergence of real-time voice, data, video and cloud services with your non-real-time communications such as email, voicemail and text messaging. There has been a lot of hype in the technical press over the last year or so suggesting that businesses like yours need to invest in an ‘end to end’ UC solution today. Myriad websites and bloggers have suggested right from the start that UC is as important to your business as email was back in the dark, distant days of the mid-90s and the fax machine was a decade or more before that. They suggest you ‘have’ to have an all-singing, all-dancing UC solution to get the maximum benefits in terms of productivity and profitability. All this does is make business owners nervous. How much is it going to cost? Will we really see the benefits? Is UC just another ‘thing’ we ought to have because everyone else seems to be doing it? The reality takes a much more cautious approach. The vast majority of s ...

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Can You Run Your Life From Your iPhone?

Well, yes and no. Or more accurately, yes and probably… The ‘yes’ part stems from the fact that for all intents and purposes, you already do. You access your email, make and receive calls and texts, access Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and interact with people from all over the world. The ‘probably’ part stems from the fact that although businesses can see the corporate benefits of Unified Communications (UC), the concerns lie in the practicalities. By migrating your UC into the mobile environment, you instantly unite a disparate workforce and offer your staff the same operational capability as if they were deskbound, but as a business, what do you need to do, and to be aware of, before a commitment to mobile UC is made? The most important aspect of such a migration is stability and security. A wireless infrastructure is vital but it needs to be tested across every site and location it is to be used before IT staff can be confident enough to offload UC onto wi-fi. The first consideration for business o ...

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