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Planning for a disaster

Corniche Events has a long standing association with a major international sporting event event held annually in June, and are contracted to provide the personnel for the transport service to get all players and officials to and from the event. The tournament, held in Sout-West London, is the culmination of twelve months of hard work for the directors and their team. Everything that they do is in preparation for the fortnight over which the event falls and ensuring that everything runs like clockwork is their ultimate goal. One slip up and one of the major stars could be left waiting at his lodgings or an adjudicator is sat on the South Circular when they should be officiating over a game. Corniche have used ITbuilder for their IT services for a number of years and during the summer of 2009 were very glad that they did. ITbuilder had advised them on their Business Continuity Services to back up its database of personnel, which is the life-blood of the business. Daily copies of this database along with shared ...

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Business Continuity Services – Online Hot Spare

The Online Hot Spare service completes the trio of elements to the total Business Continuity Service and is dependent on both Remote Backup and System Snapshot. Online Hot Spare is ideal for the business that simply cannot tolerate more than a few hours of system downtime and need their business servers to function properly at all times. Online Hot Spare provides a business with the reassurance of a disaster recovery plan that is usually only affordable to very large enterprises. The principal behind Online Hot Spare is through a combination of Remote Backup and System Snapshot together with a managed, hosted server 'tenancy', a business has the facility to restore their business systems very quickly onto servers at a remote datacentre without needing to concern themselves with finding replacement hardware or premises on which to restore their systems. If disaster were to strike, either through failure of a companies system hardware or even to the extent that their entire office premises were destroyed, the ...

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Business Continuity Services – System Snapshot

The System Snapshot service is a add-on to the Remote Backup Service and employs additional software agents that are loaded onto the server operating system and periodically take entire 'images' of the computer system to an external hard drive. In conjunction with the Remote Backup, the snapshot backups need only be taken weekly or even monthly to capture fundamental changes to your system configuration e.g. updates, new program or application installation, configuration changes. Daily incremental changes to data are captured daily by the Remote Backup and both backups merged in the event of a full system restore. The snapshots are completely portable and enable IT staff to restore a server within hours if not minutes, even to completely different server hardware. The flexibility that these images provide can enable a business to recover from most types of system hardware failure and bring a server back online with minimum fuss or effort. Images can be copied or restored to a replacement server or even lau ...

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Business Continuity Services – RBS FAQ

Why backup? Most small businesses put their very existence on the line every night and don't even realize it. With businesses depending more and more on the data stored in their computer, proper backups are becoming ever more critical. The statistics speak for themselves: - 7.5 times more data existed in 2004 than 1990 - 60% of that data is on PCs - 96% of business PCs are not backed up regularly enough - 10% of laptops are stolen every year - 70% of tape restores fail first time - 70% of companies fail after a major data loss Source: IDC, DTI & Gartner Remote backups accomplish several essential steps that are often overlooked or done improperly by other backup software - especially non-automated tape backup systems What is remote backup? Remote backup works much in the same was as regular backups with one important difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape or drive attached to the computer, remote backup works by sending data over the internet connection to another computer i ...

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Business Continuity Services – RBS

The basis of our Business Continuity Service is the Remote Backup Service or RBS, a combination of software and hosted storage that ensures that daily copies of files, databases, email messages, server configurations and more are made to external media attached to the server as well as offsite storage. This takes the basic concept of making copies and storing them away from company premises and completely automates it, copying data to external hard drives as well as uploading it through the Internet to a geographically diverse data-centre where the entire process is monitored and managed by technicians. All copied data is scrambled with with a security key passcode using military-grade encryption known only to the business owner and nominated colleagues or personnel within our team of support technicians if so required. The Remote Backup Service can replace or even complement an existing, local backup to hard drive or tape and provides the following benefits: keeps an up-to-date copy of your business ...

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