When trying to backup VMs that are stored on an SMB3.0 file share using Veeam the job fails with the message ' Unable to create snapshot (Fileshare Provider) (mode: Crash consistent ) '  You are running the latest version of Veeam with all hotfixes applied.


Your file servers need to have the File Server VSS Agent role installed. 

To install File Server VSS Agent Service using Server Manager

  1. From the Add Roles and Features Wizard, under Server Roles, select File and Storage Services if it has not already been installed.
  2. Under File and iSCSI Services, select File Server and File Server VSS Agent Service.
  3. On the Select Features page, click Next.
  4. On the Confirmation page, verify that File Server and File Server VSS Agent Service are listed, and then click Install.

PowerShell Logo Windows PowerShell equivalent commands

The following Windows PowerShell cmdlet or cmdlets perform the same function as the preceding procedure. Enter each cmdlet on a single line, even though they may appear word-wrapped across several lines here because of formatting constraints.
Provide the Windows PowerShell code for the procedure. For example:
PS C:\> Import-Module ServerManager
PS C:\> Add-WindowsFeature -name File-Services,FS-VSS-Agent

For more information please refer to this article for more details.