As you will know from our previous columns, convergence and connectivity are the themes of 2016 and the mobile phone is finally joining the party. I think it is fair to say that traditionally, it has often been practical issues (such as signal strength at the MD’s house!) that have played a major role in the decision making for which carrier your company uses. What is the point of a great tariff if you never get a signal? The modern always-connected culture that has driven the rise of cloud-based solutions such as Office365 and VoIP telephony is now influencing the technology behind your mobile phone. Business users need to be connected to the tools they use from wherever they may be and this is about to take a leap forward.

This summer will see the emergence of a new type of mobile experience, the phone you use will be able to constantly change its provider to give you the best experience possible. Bad signal at home, no problem your phone will hop on to the best alternate available. Being out of the office for the afternoon no longer means missing that vital call and choosing to work from home needn’t include hanging out of the window on a call because that is the only place that gets a signal whilst your nearest neighbour sits merrily on a stronger signal from a different provider.

Once again, technology is about to make a real and tangible difference to business. We all know how important the mobile phone is to your enterprise and so we are very excited to see cross-network connectivity joining the mass marketplace. Just imagine getting a good signal wherever one is available on the best tariff the market has to offer.