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File sharing in Office 365 – but where is my Z: drive?

Given the amount of confusion that exists about cloud sharing, not least amongst us IT professionals, we thought it was high time to shine some light on why our trusty company shared drives aren’t moving into the cloud just yet. With the ever increasing take-up of cloud services such as Office 365 for email, there is an expectation that the shared folders on our office servers should head off in the same direction and that same letter drive mapping (Is yours S:, X: or Z: or a variety) become available anywhere you are at the click of a mouse (or should that now be tap of a finger?). As Gold-level partners of Microsoft Cloud Services, including Office 365, we feel it is our duty to explain what is and isn’t achievable with component services such as OneDrive and SharePoint and why your office file server may still have a role to play. OneDrive This is a question that we get asked a lot. Many customers have started to use OneDrive either as the free personal subscription with Microsoft Live servi ...

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76 User Mailboxes to One Cloud Provider ... Challenge Accepted!

At ITbuilder we never shy away from a challenge even when it seems monumental which is why when we were approached by a client who wanted to migrate his 76 user mailboxes over to Office 365 “in the cloud” without interruptions we didn’t hesitate to say yes! Our client was originally using an expensive hosted system which was running off an exchange 2010 infrastructure. This came at a much higher cost than Office 365 which allows clients to individually licence their Office suite saving a considerable amount of budget. The clients hosted system was also managed by a 3rd party provider which was adding additional costs to their operation and meaning that they were not in control of their updates and operating systems. Office 365 ensures that businesses will always be up to date with the latest technology in a much simpler, more organised and effective manner. The Best Man for the Job James Gray, Support Engineer at ITbuilder has extensive experience with hosted services and specialises ...

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BUSTED! 3 Myths About The Cloud

These days everyone is concerned about data security, especially in the wake of the famous Heartbleed bug. Of course, security concerns affect medical and academic institutions, the legal profession, accountancy firms, but is now a concern to many small businesses. This is because most all data is now stored digitally, it is sensitive and also invaluable. However, as we accumulate more and more data, the traditional methods of storage are not sufficient so many businesses have moved into cloud storage to facilitate their growing needs, not only in terms of capacity but also accessibility. At ITbuilder we hear a lot of security concerns and general myths regarding cloud storage and so we want to dispel them before they fester into fact. Using the cloud for business offers an array of benefits to an organisation including: Data Backup Automatic software updates Team collaboration Flexible, Low Unit Pricing Managerial Controls Remote Access Possibilities Enhanced Securi ...

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5 Cool Ways To Use The Cloud

If you are not already employing cloud technology for your business then perhaps you need a little convincing. Cloud computing is cost effective, innovative and powerful and can allow your business to branch out much faster than traditional technology. Still not convinced? ITbuilder takes a look at the top 5 cool things you can do with cloud based technology in your business. No More Attachments With Cloud File sharing If your business works with documentation (which most of us do) then sending attachments can be really annoying. You have to email the attachments which are sometimes too big to send and then any changes made by a team member need to be resent amongst the collaborators. Cloud-based file sharing systems puts an end to all this! Early cloud sharing software such as DropBox is ideal for very small businesses and personal users who can collaborate and edit files without duplicating content or needing to send emails. DropBox is limited to 2BG (free) however ITbuilder can assist you with profe ...

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Financial markets data provider trades up on tech

The Client Based in the Wall Street of London, Directors Deals is a company in the beating heart of the financial district. An established global brand, Directors Deals collates a database of share trades made by directors in their company stock. As well as individual transactions, the database comprises information on the directors themselves as well as company information and share price performance data. Dating back as far as fifteen years, Directors Deals holds data on 65,000 companies and over 400,000 directors with a client list that includes The Financial Times, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. Founded in 2001 by Michael Tindale, the Directors Deal brand has gone from strength to strength to become a revered global provider. The Focus As an international brand, Directors Deals employees are located around the globe and every minute they are entering trades in different time zones.  As with all financial market data, execution speeds are critical to achieving accurate and positive out ...

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Can You Rely on Hosted Telephony?

Everyone is talking about cloud based hosted telephony but is it something you can truly rely on for your business? It is predicted that expenditure for cloud services will reach $155 billion this year and will then exceed $210 billion by 2016 so it is clear that expectations for growth are enormous.  That said, there seems to be some hesitancy amongst companies, even those who have embraced other modern technologies when it comes to cloud services.  Questioning hosted telephony is completely normal because, well, how can you trust something you cannot see?  It is also understandable because your business would be on its knees if its communications were to fail so can you really rely on it?  Top 5 Advantages of Hosted telephony •           No line rental charges, low initial set up costs & low monthly licence fees •           Easily upscaled or downscaled to sui ...

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Forward-thinking firm of accountants takes to the clouds

Accountancy firms have a reputation for being traditional, conservative and not often at the bleeding-edge of technology. Not so Accounting Direct Plus (ADP) in Palmers Green, North London. Head of Business Advisory at ADP, Tugrul Yigitoglu, has a passion for technology that is equal to his keen eye on, not only his, but also his customer’s financial bottom line. Always open to new ways to bring efficiencies and improve his staff’s productivity, Tugrul, contracted ITbuilder to deploy a new hosted desktop and telephone solution into his business. The Brief The company needed to refresh its servers in 2013 due to the imminent expiration of server hardware warranty and to ensure continuous operation of its systems. ITbuilder had migrated the business’ mail system into the cloud the previous year and the management were keen to explore how other aspects of their IT could be delivered in the same way. The business was also expanding quickly into South London and was soon to be opening an office in Central Lond ...

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