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File sharing in Office 365 – but where is my Z: drive?

Given the amount of confusion that exists about cloud sharing, not least amongst us IT professionals, we thought it was high time to shine some light on why our trusty company shared drives aren’t moving into the cloud just yet. With the ever increasing take-up of cloud services such as Office 365 for email, there is an expectation that the shared folders on our office servers should head off in the same direction and that same letter drive mapping (Is yours S:, X: or Z: or a variety) become available anywhere you are at the click of a mouse (or should that now be tap of a finger?). As Gold-level partners of Microsoft Cloud Services, including Office 365, we feel it is our duty to explain what is and isn’t achievable with component services such as OneDrive and SharePoint and why your office file server may still have a role to play. OneDrive This is a question that we get asked a lot. Many customers have started to use OneDrive either as the free personal subscription with Microsoft Live servi ...

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Your files in the Cloud

The role of the Cloud in modern IT is now reaching mass acceptance with services such as Office365 helping companies to make the switch to hosted and disaster-proof solutions that make commercial sense.  Our email is hosted, our software licences are subscription based, our telephony is VoIP but what about files? Traditionally company data is hosted on a local file server offering itself up as the ‘Z’ drive (or similar) with remote access over a VPN or via a portal into the company premises. With the emergence of Cloud technology, clients are coming to us to investigate how file storage fits in to all of this. With modern working life increasingly based on an access-anywhere model, hosted file-sharing certainly has a role to play but unlike other Cloud offerings it doesn’t signal the end of on-site resource. Your IT solution must. above all things, give you the right tools and practice for your business. It isn’t about mindlessly pushing the Cloud in opposition to all things, you ...

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3 Predictions For Cloud in 2015

At ITbuilder we can safely say that 2014 was the year of the cloud with so many businesses discovering its actual physical benefits. As we are now well into 2015, we believe that cloud technology will gain in popularity but with a few added developments.  However you look at it, this year will bring dramatic changes to the cloud landscape having further positive effects on everything from the daily tasks of IT teams through to the structure of entire corporations. Here are our 3 predictions for cloud in 2015. Cloud Integration In 2015 cloud will become far more integrated into the core of every organization with HR, Sales, IT and financial departments using it to coordinate their business efforts. Until now cloud has been slightly departmentalized mainly for sales and marketing but all that will start to change this year. Cloud vendors will continue to build the requisite connections namely common programming languages, such as Javascript, Java and Perl which will broaden connection possibilities. ...

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3 Financial Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

How Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) can save money with cloud computing At ITbuilder we are big fans of cloud computing and many of our clients are too. Cloud computing helps organisations to work more effectively by storing collaborative documents in the cloud where they can be accessed by any authorised members of your organisation no matter where they are. So, the cloud is great for working more effectively but did you know that it can also save you money? Recent studies show that businesses which employ the cloud enjoy an ROI that is 1.7 times higher than they previously enjoyed with on site hosting. 1.7 times higher is HUGE! Read 3 Financial Benefits of Moving to the Cloud and find out why 2015 should be the year you make the switch and save your business money! 1. Lowered power costs Cloud computing uses less electricity something that is a major consideration for businesses especially small ones.  Large data servers can take up a considerable amount of office space and produce a larg ...

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Top London Real Estate Firm Enjoys Horizon

The Client Dutch & Dutch (D&D) based in West Hampstead are one of North London’s leading estate agents for commercial and residential property sales and rentals. It is vital that their IT infrastructure and, in particular, their telephony can match the demands of the modern workplace. As a successful and extremely busy real estate agency, it is fundamental that their systems are as efficient as their own business operations. The London real estate market is fast moving and the company has to be able to manage its call answering so as not miss a single enquiry. This is where Dutch & Dutch approached ITbuilder to discuss the possibilities offered by Horizon Cloud Telephony.   The Technology Cloud telephony is the modern way for businesses to manage branch numbers, call routing, mobile reach and integration with computer systems to meet the needs of staff on the move. And because it is Cloud, or hosted, there is no box to install in the company premises, just the use ...

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Microsoft Announces Free Apps To Keep You Hooked

Further to our earlier post today and in the interest of complete impartiality, which we try to maintain here at ITbuilder, another new APp anouncement, but this time from the guys over at Redmond. It is great news for Microsoft users (isn’t that most of us?!) because the brand has just announced standalone apps for iPhone and Android tablets. Additionally, it has announced an updated suite of iPad apps including free features for non Office 365 subscribers. In the past, there was a single MS Office app allowing mobile users to view documents and make edits, albeit basic ones. However, the latest update from Microsoft will add standalone apps such as Excel, Powerpoint and Word for the iPhone with a much higher level of functionality. This brings iPhone apps into the same league as those already offered on iPad only they have been optimised to suit the smaller screens for better usability. Michael Atalla, Director of Product Management at Microsoft stated “If you’re in the middle of wo ...

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76 User Mailboxes to One Cloud Provider ... Challenge Accepted!

At ITbuilder we never shy away from a challenge even when it seems monumental which is why when we were approached by a client who wanted to migrate his 76 user mailboxes over to Office 365 “in the cloud” without interruptions we didn’t hesitate to say yes! Our client was originally using an expensive hosted system which was running off an exchange 2010 infrastructure. This came at a much higher cost than Office 365 which allows clients to individually licence their Office suite saving a considerable amount of budget. The clients hosted system was also managed by a 3rd party provider which was adding additional costs to their operation and meaning that they were not in control of their updates and operating systems. Office 365 ensures that businesses will always be up to date with the latest technology in a much simpler, more organised and effective manner. The Best Man for the Job James Gray, Support Engineer at ITbuilder has extensive experience with hosted services and specialises ...

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The Fight Is On... Microsoft Office 2013 V Office 365

Microsoft Office. We all use it. We all love it. But, let’s face it, understanding the licensing has never been easy. Each new version seems to bring with it an array of options designed to provide choice to users, but in actual fact just confuses the hell out of us. Take Microsoft Office 2013 versus Office 365 for example. Back in April, Microsoft released iPad versions of its Office suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It was all pretty exciting because the apps were free to download but then you realised that you could not properly edit documents or use many of the apps features without purchasing a subscription to Office 365. This prompted many who were not already using Office 365 to subscribe and many more to debate the benefits. So at ITbuilder the fight is on... Microsoft Office 2013 v Office 365 which is best for you? In the red corner Office 365 Subscription It’s All There! - Office 365 includes the full Office suite of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, O ...

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Should You Trash Your Server And Move To The Cloud?

Scenario Your server is now rather old and you have stuck with it through the good and bad times. Now your applications are slow, there is no more space and your IT support has told you that you need to replace it. So the question you are faced with you replace it with a new server or move to the cloud? ITbuilder takes a look at the cases for and against moving to a cloud hosted server. The Case For Cloud Many businesses have already moved over to the cloud and those that haven’t yet, have factored in a move with their next update. Onsite hardware is still necessary to a degree however servers are rapidly being replaced by cloud hosted storage. Cloud is ideal for dynamic companies who want the flexibility to grow to scale and save on hardware costs. Cloud hosted storage is cheaper but also allows for increased productivity and capabilities within the workplace.  They allow you to be more flexible and save on IT costs, resulting in higher revenues and increased efficiency. Mi ...

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VOIP ... What Your Phone Provider Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Let’s start at the beginning... if you haven’t heard of VOIP you are probably not alone. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol which is a way of making phone calls over the internet without using a traditional landline. Are you using Skype? Well then you are using VOIP you just didn’t realise it! ITbuilder is seeing more and more clients converting their business needs to VOIP so let’s take a closer at what your phone provider doesn’t want you to know! VoIP can turn your standard Internet connection or WIFI into a way that you can make free calls. By bypassing the telephone companies you are also bypassing their call charges!. Three Ways to use VOIP  1.   ATA – Analogue Telephone Adaptor – Using an ATA you can connect your regular phone to your PC or internet connection to make a call. The ATA takes the analogue signal and converts it into digital data making the call possible.This is a way of adapting your existing setup but not one ...

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