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Beware! Scam Emails Part II

So we had another scammer contact us yesterday. This time it was to Claudia, pretending to be me. Her first reply about the transfer limit was genuine, but then she had the good sense to check with me.  This time we went with a Fawlty Towers theme and had a lot of fun. Once again, scroll to the bottom and read on up. Enjoy and beware, people. From: Claudia Marcellis   To: James Naylor   Sent: Today, 08:09 Subject: Re: Process James, What planet are you on? I hope Basil has got hold of you by now (I know I couldn't) and did what he said he would do to you when he found me processing the payment yesterday...without a valid reference number. 'Ill-educated proles', indeed! I have never seen a grown man behave so deranged and I fled the office for fear of my own safety. I took an earlier train to Torquay and a ...

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Beware! Scam Emails

Last week, we had a scammer email one of us pretending to be me. The email went to Simon Lunness and requested that he arrange a large (phoney) payment be made from the company account. Being somebody that goes around preaching about good IT security, Simon wasn't fooled for a second, plus I don't even use an iPhone. We had some fun with the guy, who wasn't even smart enough to conceal his identity and was quite easy to find online, even some directorships to businesses that Simon names (We have masked his details, of course. We are decent). We have informed the authorities, who, until now, haven't paid much interest in it. This goes to show just how prevalent this kind of thing is, so we thought we would post it here as a warning to others. We hope you enjoy the funny-side of it, but get the serious message that this is happening far and wide right now and people are losing lots of money. Be alert! Scroll to the bottom and read on up. From: Simon Lunness Sent: 16 February 2017 15:09 To: James ...

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    Hello dear, getting bellow error. 6/9/2017 2:15:33 PM :: Unable to create snapshot (Microsoft Software...

    -- Subodh

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    Technology never ceases to amaze me. Every other say there are new developments and even more interesting...

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    Emailing is now an important element of our routine lives and specifically our businesses base entirely...

    -- Henry George

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    Excellent, this articule help us a lot. Thanks, because the Veeam support dont know how to solve this...

    -- HEIKI

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    Great advice- think I'd better start having a PC cleanup starting with all the saved passwords! :)

    -- Charli

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    Thanks for the wonderful advise and great note. This article saved my life. I had the same problem...

    -- Nizam