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Pricing override button not working after Dynamics CRM 2016 June Update

Problem After receiving the June update for Dynamics CRM 2016 online, you can no longer set the override option to specify a different price for a quote or order product. Even if you remove and re-add the item, the option to set a manual price is not available. The field itself is locked (even to admins), leaving the price un-editable. Cause The cause is yet unknown, but is being reported my many users of Dynamics CRM Online. Solution Not exactly a solution, but a workaround that will enable you to keep generating orders and manually setting prices. If you have admin access to your portal, Go to Settings -> Customisations -> Customize the System -> Entities -> Orders Products or Quote Products -> Fields     Locate field 'ispriceoverridden' and double-click it. Set 'Default Value' to 'Override Price' Hit 'Save & Close' then 'Publish All Customisations' Now any new  quote or order products added to an order will be have the price manually adjusted. Also, any exis ...

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It's all coming together

As you will know from our previous columns, convergence and connectivity are the themes of 2016 and the mobile phone is finally joining the party. I think it is fair to say that traditionally, it has often been practical issues (such as signal strength at the MD’s house!) that have played a major role in the decision making for which carrier your company uses. What is the point of a great tariff if you never get a signal? The modern always-connected culture that has driven the rise of cloud-based solutions such as Office365 and VoIP telephony is now influencing the technology behind your mobile phone. Business users need to be connected to the tools they use from wherever they may be and this is about to take a leap forward. This summer will see the emergence of a new type of mobile experience, the phone you use will be able to constantly change its provider to give you the best experience possible. Bad signal at home, no problem your phone will hop on to the best alternate available. Being out of the ...

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Business is the real winner

We were very honoured to be chosen as finalists in the Hertford Entrepreneur of the Year awards a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t win the award (It’s fine, we have come to terms with it!) but what we did see was a number of local businesses, all very successful and each of them fully engaged with their vision. It became clear as the companies presented their cases that success in business is almost always linked with a well-oiled IT machine. We are incredibly proud of the positive impact our IT solutions have and there was a real sense of achievement as we reviewed the clients we work with and the technology they use. We have a deserved reputation we are fiercely protective of but it is the solutions themselves, their relevance and application that has helped us play such an important role in our clients’ operations. VoIP telephony is now a major player in the communications market and this year will see a new convergence with your mobile solution that is exciting us a great deal, watch t ...

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Why you need to go Superfast

We regularly get asked about poor connectivity in our home town of Hertford and across the county. It is possibly the biggest misconception we face. I can assure you right now there is absolutely fantastic connectivity available to the vast majority of Herts businesses. Yes, if you are located on a farm outbuilding (as we once were!) then you may struggle but most companies already have a number of excellent options to improve their link to the outside world. A common barrier for high-grade broadband is the sense that as you only pay tuppence for your home connection, this is all your business should pay. Your business broadband however is probably one of the most important and influential components of your company. It is deserving of proper consideration and not only extends into your client connections, disaster recovery, staff morale and trading practice but also affects the performance of cloud-based solutions such as Office 365 and VoIP telephony. Good quality broadband is about the upstream speeds yo ...

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New Year, New You

2015 gave us the biggest shift yet towards the convergence of IT services and a strengthening of the cloud-based always-on business model and we expect 2016 to be no different. We have spoken previously in this column of our belief in technology and its potential to be your business’s greatest tool, whether it be communications with VoIP telephony, streamlined infrastructures, disaster resilience or the full maturity of cloud-based enterprise. The options for success and improvement have never been so accessible and so affordable. January traditionally finds people queuing to join the gym following a few weeks of gorging and drinking like a 17th century French duke, so why not do the same for your business and spend a little time investing in the ‘fitness’ of your company; the performance and the processes used to bring your vision to market and service your clients. We cannot emphasise enough how exciting, innovative and commercially-viable the current practices in IT are and how they can ...

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From your correspondent - article 2

Read the article from the October edition of The Business written by our technology expert and key Account Manager, Simon Lunness. To get the full Business supplement, it is available here: Communication is the key I think we can all agree that good communication is fundamental to any successful business. Over the years, technology has transformed the way that companies communicate on all levels, with e-mail becoming a major player in the way people engage with one another. However, good old telecommunications is probably still chief amongst the tools we use to stay in touch and in keeping with our theme of improving your business through technology, we shine the spotlight on IP telephony or ‘VoIP’ as it is more commonly known.  Admittedly, VoIP had something of a shaky start. Excitement at the potential led many firms to rush headlong into it without the proper research or planning. Naively, many plugged Internet-ready phone ...

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How to mount a USB drive in a Hyper-V Virtual Guest

If, like many an IT bod, you have need from time to time to pass a USB drive through from a physical Hyper-V Virtual Host to a Virtual Guest machine running on it in order to to copy data, then here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.  1.       Connect USB drive to VM Host 2.       On host run powershell Get-Disk command to determine the disk number: 3.       Once you know the number, just pipe it to Set-Disk -IsOffline $true: 4.       On Hyper-V manager add a SCSI disk to the VM guest and select the USB disk which should be presented as a  physical disk 5.       Open up computer manager on the VM Guest and go to Disk Management 6.       You should see the disk is Offline – Right Click and make it online   On step 5 I could not see the new disk there but saw that it was in device manager ...

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Veeam backup job of VMs stored on SMB3.0 SOFS cluster fails with 'Unable to create snapshot (Fileshare Provider)'

Problem When trying to backup VMs that are stored on an SMB3.0 file share using Veeam the job fails with the message ' Unable to create snapshot (Fileshare Provider) (mode: Crash consistent ) '  You are running the latest version of Veeam with all hotfixes applied. Solution Your file servers need to have the File Server VSS Agent role installed.  To install File Server VSS Agent Service using Server Manager From the Add Roles and Features Wizard, under Server Roles, select File and Storage Services if it has not already been installed. Under File and iSCSI Services, select File Server and File Server VSS Agent Service. On the Select Features page, click Next. On the Confirmation page, verify that File Server and File Server VSS Agent Service are listed, and then click Install. PowerShell Logo Windows PowerShell equivalent commands The following Windows PowerShell cmdlet or cmdlets perform the same function as the preceding procedure. Enter each cmdlet on a single lin ...

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Cannot upgrade System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 SP1 to 2012 R2

Problem When you try to run the installer for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 to upgrade from 2012 SP1, it fails with the following error message in the setup log. INFO: Setup detected an existing Configuration Manager installation. Currently installed version is 7711~ This is stating that you have a pre-SP1 build and cannot continue, even though later in the setup log, it reports: INFO: Configuration Manager Build Number = 7958  which indicates that you are running a later build of 2012 SP1 (including CU5). Reason If you search the registry for string '7711', you should come upon keys in HKLM - SOFTWARE - Microsoft - SMS - Setup with the following data. This tells us that the Admin Console is installed on this server is on a release older than 2012 SP1, however if we check the installed program details in Windows Programs & Features, we see the following:   Solution The solution is to either remove the Admin Console from your server or manually update the registry key ...

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Cloud Communications on the Horizon

Why should I be considering cloud communications? You would have had to be living in a remote wilderness recently to not have heard of Cloud IT services. The concept is familiar to most people these days as a result of wide-stream media publicity by large technology companies, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Furthermore, cloud technology services such as file-sharing, data backup and e-mail have been widely adopted by businesses in recent years due to a greater appreciation of the benefits of cloud rental models.  Managed, highly-available technology services, delivered over fast, reliable Internet connectivity is a more practical and economical option, one that is now increasingly favoured over investment in office-based systems with expensive running costs. By comparison, far fewer people are aware that the same approach can be applied to business telephone communications and, in fact, that innovative and highly developed platforms have been available to deliver this for quite some years. ...

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