Are you confident that your business is truly protected from the latest threats to its data? The latest generation of subscription-based security services are:

» Quick and simple to deploy

» Very affordable with monthly subscription fees

» Essential to protect businesses from the current threats

The threat to SME business from data loss is now higher than ever as the move to mobile computing continues and organised crime gets more sophisticated. Desktop anti-virus and firewalls just aren't enough anymore and should be supplemented with additional levels of protection to keep your data safe, whether in or out of the office.  Get next-generation protection from ITbuilder and improve your business through technology

» Multi-layer computer protection
» Services from leading security brands
» Protects users in and outside the office
» Portal access for self-management
» Simple cloud-deployment

» Protects business from expensive data loss
» Reduces threat of financial penalties (GDPR)
» No up-front capital investment
» Fixed cost per user monthly rental
» Available on rolling 30-day terms

» Removes risk and provides peace of mind
» Safe-guards business by reducing downtime
» Improve staff productivity through control
» Available as a fully managed service
» Scales with your business

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“We have embraced the benefits of cloud technology, but having users with access to data everywhere posed a new challenge. Fortunately, cloud security technology is keeping pace and we can fully control user's access and secure our data from wherever they get online."
Ben Hayes, Goodstuff