Safeguard your business data stored on Office 365 and Exchange Online with Cloud Shadow

Mitigate the risk of malicious or accidental data deletion on Microsoft's cloud platform with a supplementary cloud add-on service to copy mailbox data to an alternative location

The majority of SME businesses are reaping the benefits of Office 365 and Exchange Online with its flexible, monthly subscription and rich features. It's always and anywhere availability is also a major attraction, but there is a general misconception that back-ups can be done away with because data is safe in the cloud. The bad news is this is not necessarily the case, because users have the potential to delete important business information. Either inadvertently or with full intent, should there be a falling-out with employers, the risk lies in the delete key as well as the ever growing threat from online hackers. With so much business communication done over email these days, it is increasingly important to preserve this information and in some cases, for compliance purposes specifically, a legal requirement. Are we to retreat back to servers and tape drives in the office?

The good news is, no, we don't.  For a small. supplementary monthly subscription, we can provide a continuous synchronisation of all Office 365 Exchange mailboxes to a completely alternative, unrelated but completely secure hosting service. Running 24x7x365, your business data is duplicated and retained for a specific period to protect your business data from probably it's biggest threat in the modern-age, people. Get Cloud Shadow from ITbuilder and improve your business through techhnology

Technical Features
» Continuous data synchronisation and duplication
» UK-based Service Provider
» No additional hardware or software reqired
» Easy to use web portal for data retrieval

Financial Highlights
» Zero CapEx, OpEx only cost
» Available with free setup
» Low-cost cloud add-on with 50Gb quota
» Scalable monthly subscription billing

Commercial Benefits
» Insurance against expensive data loss
» Provides legal compliance
» Simple admin for tech staff
» Managed service available for zero tech businesses

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Cloud email duplication and backup
“Migrating our mail to Office 365 provided a huge improvement to our business communication, but without daily tape backups of our mail system, we had major concerns about our ability to protect the many written 'conversations' that our company generates daily. It was a relief to be able to have everything duplicated and out of harm's way."
Richard Butler, Daleba Eletronics