If you have been around the block a bit, and a few of us here at ITbuilder certainly have, then you will have an understanding of how dramatically business technology has changed over the years. Think back to the typewriters and dot-matrix printers of the seventies that were phased out for the ubiquitous, bulky computer terminals of the eighties and early-nineties upon which lines of text (remember green or amber characters on a black background?) evolved into full colour, graphical interfaces with access to this ‘world wide web’ malarkey. Things got a bit more streamlined at the turn of the century with powerful, yet compact, desktop systems and flat screens that came alive with media-rich content. One of the few constants that has remained during this evolution is Microsoft Office, the family name for Word, Excel and PowerPoint later joined by Outlook, adding new and more innovative ways of making businesses more productive.

Today’s modern business looks vastly different to that of just a decade ago. Computers on desks bound to a network governed by big servers humming away in a wiring closet has segued into a fluid, multi-device cloud, neither bound by wires nor location, accessing

 business data anywhere. Touch-screen fondleslabs (English: Tablet) and phones, so smart they would make your beige beast-from-the-eighties blush, are now inter-changeable with the traditional personal computer, but also requiring instant and continuous access to business systems wherever they are.

Office 365: the latest and greatest

To meet this need, and to some extent driving this change, is Microsoft Office, in its latest guise. Office 365, the fastest growing commercial product in the history of Microsoft, offers productivity without boundaries, unshackling businesses from office premises and providing scalability, flexibility and business continuity into the bargain. Using the familiar Office apps we all know and have become reliant on plus the power of the cloud, Office 365 lets you work virtually anywhere, anytime, across alll of your devices. This is something that is now vital for the modern business. No matter how you access and use Office 365, you receive the same seamless experience andenterprise-grade security to protect your business and customers. There are no big upfront costs and no worrying about future upgrades or technology obsolescence. Just the tools you need to do what you do best.

With Office 365 you can:

  • - Deliver your best work with new and innovative features with upgrades to the latest versions as they are released.
  • - Stay connected and save important messages with business-class email and up to 50GB of mailbox space.
  • - Protect your business and employees from malware and spam with always up-to-date security and email protection.
  • - Store, sync, and share files with SharePoint for your teams and OneDrive for the individual including 1TB of cloud storage space.
  • - Collaborate with team members and join online meetings with one click from your preferred mobile device using Skype for Business.
  • - Gain peace of mind with a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • - Budget for your IT with flexible monthly rental charged per user and with no large, up-front capital investment.
"With sites dotted around the country as well as in Ireland and Spain, maintaining our mail system was always a huge task. Since migrating to Office 365, we no longer have this burden but also we can now use the latest version of Office and together with new Surface Pro 3 tablets, our staff are highly productive whether in or out of the office."Richard Butler, Quality & Operations Director, Daleba Electronics

Office 365 has come a long way since its first incarnation in 1990 and is now so much more than a desktop computer application. Of course, still included are the stalwarts of Word and Excel plus their sister applications in both Windows desktop and now online browser or Apple iOS

Office 365 Benefits
View some short video presentations on the features and benefits.
versions, but what sets Office 365 apart is the fact that it comes with the back-end server intelligence included. Previously, you would have had to invest thousands of pounds on hardware, licensing, warranties, backup and support to have the file sharing, Exchange email, web collaboration, secure remote access and myriad other features that are simply now bundled into a low subscription fee. This is the key point for anybody thinking about refreshing their IT systems and asking “What does the modern business do?”

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