Cloud Based Productivity Services By Microsoft

Office 2013 offers the opportunity to try out the cloud-based productivity service Office 365 which ITbuilder thinks is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. There are many great reasons for you to consider using Office 365 and here our team answers your most commonly asked questions:

Q. What is cloud based productivity?

A cloud based productivity plan can incorporate a number of different solutions, however, put simply, they enable users to work remotely, collaborate from different locations and using different devices. For example, an International company using cloud based solutions can have employees in different countries or perhaps even on the move, using mobile, tablet, desktop and all collaborating together. The traditional idea of a team needing to be in the same office using the same products and a server is now obsolete with cloud productivity.

Q. What is Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite from Microsoft which is offered as an extra to Office 2013. Office 365 offers small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to access emails, documents and calendars from anywhere in the world and from any device. Office 365 lives in the cloud so if you have the licence and an internet connection you can use it. Regardless of whether you are working on a PC, laptop, tablet, iPhone or smartphone you can go about your daily duties with added flexibility. This all sounds fairly standard however Office 365 also offers a ton of cool extras like the option to create voice or video chats or link your online calendar to being able to host webinars with colleagues or clients.


Q. Is it expensive?

Actually Office 365 is incredibly well priced on a “per user” basis starting from just £2.60 per month. Small businesses can also gain access to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync by moving up the range of subscriptions on offer. Of course, you need to purchase Office 2013 if you did not already have it installed as an option when you purchased your PC or you can take the top-level subscription which include the full Office 2013 Desktop application. The reason for this is because Office 365 is an add-on to this software and enables to you to get the most out of the product wide-range of features. You also need to factor in the costs of installing, configuring and maintaining Microsoft Office which is where ITbuilder's range of well priced and comprehensive IT management solutions can really help you out.


Q. Will it work with my device?

Office 365 works with virtually any device even Mac desktops and laptops. It is compatible with Androids, iPhones, iPads, and most other smartphone devices.


Q. What are the other advantages?

  1. Familiar LookYour staff will not need to relearn a new system because Office 365 retains the familiar MS office look and functionality.
  2. Secure Business Email Office 365 features additional spam protection and a highly secure business emailing system
  3. Web Conference You can easily host webinars and conferences with Office 365 and link your calendar and email to inform and invite colleagues and clients.
  4. Team Sharing – Users can gain access to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to collaborate on tasks, share documents and keep track of projects.
  5. Add or remove licences – Office 365 has a very flexible pricing structure allowing businesses to add or remove licences as they need. Licences are paid for per user so there is no hefty upfront commitment.  

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