ITbuilder speaks to a lot of businesses about their telephony needs and many are concerned about costs spiralling out of control, staff mobile phones, missing business calls, compliance issues and much more. The aim is to give your staff the freedom to excel in their role whilst also maintaining control over your finances and of course your key focus – client calls.  ITbuilder introduces Horizon – the complete communications service for your business. Horizon is “in the cloud” telephony that puts business owners in the driving seat by providing extensive features which are all controlled and operated via a simple web interface.

How Does It Work?

All your devices both mobile and desktop are connected via IP Telephony so users only need dial one number! This means that even if you have regional offices you can use one unique number for your business. It also means that you will not suffer the usual telephony interruptions caused by storms and strikes at your telephone service provider. The technology embraces the modern day working environment which often includes hot desking, shift work, travelling and mobile technology... it is the perfect cloud telephony solution!

What Else Does IP Telephony Offer Your Business?

Cloud telephony from Horizon provides a solution to your call routing needs but what else does it do? Actually many companies are using the service for other reasons such as its ability to record calls, log voicemails in one central hub and also keep detailed call history logs. This is especially important for companies who are concerned with compliance issues such as the legal and financial sectors as well as any companies dealing with client data or any business who may be subject to an audit.

It is also easy for you to customise the way your businesses calls are handled because the interface allows you the option of automated messaging, call waiting, voicemail or transfer of calls. Wouldn’t it be cool if your callers could listen to your latest special offer, your social media pages or website instead of simply a ringing phone that goes unanswered?

How Does the Pricing Work?

Horizon is priced on a “per seat” basis with minimal hardware required to operate the system. ITbuilder offer a range of Horizon options for your business including setup, support and training at really competitive prices. Horizon offers lower call costs, free site to site calls for your team members (even Internationally) and competitive mobile costs.

Advantages of IP Telephony

Enhances Team Work
– Staff can transfer calls, host conference calls and manage international connectivity
Trains Staff – Use the record features to train new staff and monitor progress
Promotes Compliance – Keep a log of all your calls both incoming and outgoing for auditing reasons
Saves Time – This works for clients who will not sit waiting in a queue and for staff who can choose to reject “blocked numbers” , use the automated call back service, easily transfer calls and access their contact list.
Pleases Clients – Call waiting, music, marketing messages in addition to swift transfers equals occupied happy clients. 
Get Notified By Email – Missed a call? Want to share a voicemail or a contact? These can easily be emailed between colleagues using the interface. 


This exciting technology is available from the experts at ITbuilder and it is not as expensive as you might think... in fact you might find yourself making significant savings!

Contact our team today to find out how cloud telephony can help your business to grow!