If you are not already employing cloud technology for your business then perhaps you need a little convincing. Cloud computing is cost effective, innovative and powerful and can allow your business to branch out much faster than traditional technology.

Still not convinced? ITbuilder takes a look at the top 5 cool things you can do with cloud based technology in your business.

No More Attachments With Cloud File sharing

If your business works with documentation (which most of us do) then sending attachments can be really annoying. You have to email the attachments which are sometimes too big to send and then any changes made by a team member need to be resent amongst the collaborators. Cloud-based file sharing systems puts an end to all this! Early cloud sharing software such as DropBox is ideal for very small businesses and personal users who can collaborate and edit files without duplicating content or needing to send emails. DropBox is limited to 2BG (free) however ITbuilder can assist you with professional cloud storage solutions for business users. Cloud file sharing allows companies to be truly international and to share documentation with different offices without the need to email.

Data Backup

Many businesses forget to backup important data such as customer contact lists, documents, templates, emails and so on! As a business owner it is important to think about what would happen if you lost all this information- could your business still function? In the cloud storage is now incredibly secure and many large businesses use it for backup as it does not clog up company systems with memory guzzling files. There are a number of backup systems available for users depending on their business needs and requirements – chat to ITbuilder about backing up your data! Remember that it is important to keep three copies of important data within your business... one off site, one in the cloud and one on alternative media eg an external hard drive. 

Your Telephone System In The Cloud

Nowadays, putting your telephone systems in the cloud is one of the best ways to manage your business in terms of costs and possibilities. “In the cloud” telephony eliminates many of the traditional phone system costs whilst also opening up numerous avenues for businesses of all sizes. In the cloud telephony such as Horizon at ITbuilder offers businesses options such as call queue set up, easy routing of international calls, one fixed number for global offices, call monitoring/training and easy messaging services. The sales, administration, customer service and marketing possibilities of adding your telephone system to the cloud are endless and can make for some very exciting options. Why not have one number for all your international offices, with tailored call queues, customised waiting messages and a smart routing system? Your receptionists and customer service staff will love being able to transfer calls at the click of a mouse without needing to look up extension numbers and dial them.

Your CRM In The Cloud

Most large companies are using a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). A CRM logs client calls, interaction, feedback, orders, enquiries, quotes etc and is vital for organising your business. Ok so CRMs are cool but how much cooler would it be if your CRM was in the cloud? Well it’s entirely possible and over the past 5 years many of our clients have done just that. Take all the advantages of a CRM and add in the fact that all your offices can share and edit documents, view client records, access the CRM from mobile devices and much more, now doesn’t that sound cool?

To Monitor Your Business Activity

As a busy CMO or CEO you may not have time to monitor every aspect of your business, certainly you don’t have time to listen to calls, check records and monitor security. However with cloud technology you can easily pull off stats on your business such average log in times, call queue times, recordings for auditing purposes and much more. The tools available to you in the cloud are valuable for allowing you to forecast figures and pinpoint areas for improvement. Additionally cloud technology allows you to easily interact with team members around the world via call conferencing so that you can share your findings and corresponding data.


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