Gmail from Google is about to get even cooler with its newest Inbox app available for Android so ITbuilder takes a quick look at the best features the app has to offer.

The app is separate from Gmail and its aim is to change the way your emails are organised. It achieves this by categorizing every email received as important and deserving of inbox space or placed into a labelled category.  If you remember Google introduced labels a year ago to indicate where emails came from and to help you to group them together, so this app is the next step forward from this.

Here is a list of the key features to help you decide if you think it is worth a look:

  • Clean and simple design influenced by Android Lollipop's new design.
  • Inbox shows a preview from the message including any attached documents, or videos.
  • Swipe right to mark a message as finished and archived or swipe left to snooze it. It takes a little practice but we are sure it will become second nature!
  • The snooze feature places a message in your Snoozed inbox and then puts in back in your main inbox at the time you designate.
  • The reminders you create with Google can now coexist with your inbox, and they show up at the top of the screen. If you scheduled a reminder for a specific time or place it will appear when it's supposed to.
  • Create new reminders by tapping the compose button. Inbox will make a suggestion and can pull in phone numbers from your contacts and suggest reminders based on your email history.
  • Tap and hold any message to bring up the bulk edit controls, where you can batch delete, archive or snooze messages.
  • You can also pin a message to your inbox, which keeps it in your inbox and prevents it from getting cleared away by mistake.
  • At the foot of the screen is your compose tab for new messages which will show the three people you've emailed the most in recent memory.
  • The pre-made bundles in Inbox are Purchases, Finance, Travel, Social, Promos, Updates, Forums and Promos.
  • You can move emails in an out of these bundles or remove / rename them completely to suit your needs and emails received into these deleted categories will revert back to your inbox unless recategorised.

The Inbox App is currently by invitation only, so you can email Google at to request an access to it. ITbuilder thinks that this is a pretty cool new app which, given Google’s product history, is sure to become a necessary feature of our online lives.

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