The Client

Dutch & Dutch (D&D) based in West Hampstead are one of North London’s leading estate agents for commercial and residential property sales and rentals. It is vital that their IT infrastructure and, in particular, their telephony can match the demands of the modern workplace. As a successful and extremely busy real estate agency, it is fundamental that their systems are as efficient as their own business operations. The London real estate market is fast moving and the company has to be able to manage its call answering so as not miss a single enquiry. This is where Dutch & Dutch approached ITbuilder to discuss the possibilities offered by Horizon Cloud Telephony.


The Technology

Cloud telephony is the modern way for businesses to manage branch numbers, call routing, mobile reach and integration with computer systems to meet the needs of staff on the move. And because it is Cloud, or hosted, there is no box to install in the company premises, just the user devices (a choice of desk handset, cordless walkabout or computer softphone and headset) to access the system.

With Horizon, users access the hosted system via a dedicated, managed and monitored Internet connection when at the office premises and from public WiFi or their home broadband service if using it remotely. Other advantages to Horizon telephony are features such as call logging, call recording, customisable call waiting and menus, centrally logged voicemails and easy management of individual call diverts and group calling via a web portal. Also, by virtue of it being hosted and not located at a company premises, it lends itself to spanning multiple office locations and business continuity/disaster recovery strategies.
The Commercials
Like every successful business, Dutch & Dutch carefully monitors its costs and because Horizon is priced on a per-seat, monthly rental that includes:-

  • Smart new desk handset (See below)
  • All standard phone exchange system features
  • UK landline and mobile calls

they managed to make substantial savings on their existing monthly costs that recouped the low installation fee within only a few months.

What Changed?

ITbuilder installed Horizon telephony for Dutch & Dutch with no downtime whatsoever. The changes we made involved the following:

  • Each department at D&D was given its own telephone number
  • A remote answering service was set up to kick in after 15 seconds
  • Staff were provided with DDIs (Direct Dial In numbers)
  • Installed a Cisco 24 port PoE network switch and 2 VLAN's (Virtual Local Networks running over the same network switch and kept separate for performance and security)
  • Provided Polycom VVX410 handsets with colour LCD screen

David Matthews, Director of Dutch & Dutch stated that “property is really a people business, it’s not about bricks and mortar and this is why it was essential that the helpfulness, efficiency and trustworthiness of the staff were showcased with the best technology. David loves the features offered by Horizon telephony and told us

“It’s amazing …  I still can’t believe there was no down time and people calling our business would have noticed no change. To anyone thinking of making the change for their business I have two words... DO IT!”

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