It’s another great British summer and looking out of the window at the driving rain as I type, I guess that is true. Summer can often bring challenges to business as staff take holiday or face childcare scheduling. The reassuring thing however is that technology is here to help.

Companies can offer flexible working solutions to staff to allow a productive outcome to the problem a half-empty office can bring. Where the telephony is VoIP, staff can simply take a handset home or use apps to make and receive work calls on the mobile. Hosted virtual desktops and Remote Desktop links can allow users to securely login to the company network from any location. Office 365 can even allow for web based Office work through a browser with online versions of Word, Excel etc and access to company documents through a portal. The days when your staff needed to be in the building to work have long since passed. 

With the correct IT solution in place your business can provide a commercially viable yet resilient answer to the needs of flexible attendance. Many of our clients choose to wrap the answer into their Disaster Recovery plan allowing working operations to continue for staff independent of office attendance. Time and time again we have seen investment in forward-thinking technology bring benefits across the board and not only to the specific area of investment. Clients with VoIP telephony have an answer not only to spiralling costs, lengthy contracts and inflexible systems but also Disaster Recovery and remote working. Office 365, DR planning, converged-connectivity and Cloud technology all bleed into each other bringing a technological and commercial advantage to companies embracing the new and now fully-mature solutions available to your workplace.  

In today’s age, technology almost always has a commercially viable answer for decision-makers willing to engage that not only delivers but improves upon your working practice.