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Communication is the key

I think we can all agree that good communication is fundamental to any successful business. Over the years, technology has transformed the way that companies communicate on all levels, with e-mail becoming a major player in the way people engage with one another. However, good old telecommunications is probably still chief amongst the tools we use to stay in touch and in keeping with our theme of improving your business through technology, we shine the spotlight on IP telephony or ‘VoIP’ as it is more commonly known. 

Admittedly, VoIP had something of a shaky start. Excitement at the potential led many firms to rush headlong into it without the proper research or planning. Naively, many plugged Internet-ready phones into their computer networks and expected to just ‘smile and dial’. The resulting conversations that were akin to a two-way Norman Collier gag quickly gave this technology a bad name and caution about its readiness for business ensued.

At ITbuilder, we are quick to dispel the myth that the Internet and phones are a bad mix. When deployed in properly designed network that is overseen end-to-end by a reputable telecoms provider, it is an equivalent in reliability to traditional telephony but with a raft of commercial and technological benefits that many company owners are foregoing due to unnecessary caution. VoIP is here to stay and even the big boys see it that way with BT switching off its ISDN digital network in 2016 in favour of an IP only infrastructure. If you aren’t planning for IP Telephony now, then we strongly recommend it should be on your to-do list today.